Its a Surprise for my husband

I am throwing a surprise vow renewal for my husband. We have been married two years this april and he deserves this. We got married the first time in a rush and none of our families were there now I am trying to throw a 150 person ceremony and I am stuck on how to phrase the invitations. It is a surprise for him and I don’t want him to know until the day of. I need your help? Thank you in advance.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

Vow renewals aren’t a replacement for a wedding ceremony. They should be planned mutually, so both parties have a part in writing the vows and planning the event since this is a couple event. Usually, vow renewals are hosted for couples who are celebrating a benchmark anniversary or who have endured a particularly stressful/painful time in their marriage and they are more of in intimate event – not at all like a wedding. I wouldn’t be able to guide you in wording invitations to an event that really isn’t proper. I think this is the reason you’re having trouble with the wording.

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I wish you many years happiness.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

I couldn’t agree more. Please do read our many posts. You can find the same advice by reading etiquette books.