Just the two of us renewa

DH and I have decided to renew our vows on our 10 year anniversary. I’ve read into etiquette a bit and it seems like what I want to do is completely different than the usual.

We want to, just the two of us with no guests, go to one of our favorite caribbean spots and renew our vows in the way that we wanted our wedding to be. I want to wear the dress of my dreams, DH in a tux, on the beach, orchid bouquet, sunset, soft music from a single musician (haven’t put in too much thought on this one… could be anything from a steel drum player to a harpist lol, it all depends on how everything else pans out). I want a mini cake, dinner for two at an upscale restaurant (we’re thinking Couples Negril… so somewhere on the resort most likely) followed by dancing and the usual romantic evening stuff, no need for all the dirty details lol.

We both want this. Our first wedding was nothing like either of us wanted. It wasn’t a total wash, but funding was a BIG issue. We did the best we could with what little resources we had, but overall nothing was the way we wanted it except the fact that at the end of the day we were husband and wife. I’m sure you all have heard hundreds of horror and sob stories, so I’ll spare you… but you get the picture. Every female dreams of having this one day. I still want mine.

Is this wrong? I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to re-do my wedding…. but what’s so wrong with wanting to recapture your dream day? I understand the purpose of a vowel renewal… and that is our primary purpose… but what’s wrong with changing things a bit to suit the personal satisfaction one was denied the first time around?

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I’m not sure what a “DH” is, but if you aren’t inviting guests, then the two of you can do whatever makes you happy.

Good luck and have a great trip.


You guys seriously don’t use the abbreviation ‘DH’ on this forum?? I would have thought of all places, DH would be known here lol. DH= dear husband (or sometimes dam husband, use context clues to determine which one lol).


Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

No, we try not to use abbreviations whenever possible. And, since we mostly offer wedding advice, we usually don’t deal with husbands – just grooms.

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Too funny. Thank you for sharing the new abbreviation with us though.

And, I do agree. That if there are no guests involved, there is no reason to worry about how others would view the ceremony. When we invite, we should be good hosts. So, this is fine.