A Love Bird Theme Wedding

Do friends and family refer to you two as a pair of real love doves? Do you share a deep appreciation for organic colors and natural textures?

Then maybe the love bird is destined to be the perfect theme for your wedding!

But not all lovebird weddings center on twigs and bark! Instead, lovebird weddings come in several flavors.

For starters, there’s the clean, stripped down, design-conscious kind. You’ll spot this type by its eye-popping color schemes like red and aqua, its modern fondant cakes, and its focus on fabulous stationary.

Then, there’s the tropical-inspired lovebird theme, playing on these ever-faithful feathered friends’ bright colors and equatorial origins.

But from east to west, the bulk of the lovebird brides find themselves flocking to a warm and textural theme, with its palettes of browns and greens and butter yellows, and tactile touches like feathers and ferns, vintage fabrics, moss and woods.

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“Love Tweet Love”

With one foot firmly in the natural world, a lovebird theme is perfect for celebrating all kinds of seasons, from spring to fall.

Even brides who want to give this theme a very soft touch will typically gravitate to a few choice expressions. Especially the cake topper and invitations! In fact, the lovebird theme could be truly said to have reinvented the cake topper, which was previously languishing in retro-land before artists like Anne Wood and her divine handcrafted bird toppers helped revive it.

As for invites, the beautifully designed lovebird ones, often letter-pressed, will typically feature elegant motifs like trees, leaves, branches, cherry blossoms and of course, the avian couple. These creations then lead the way to beautifully developed paper assets like place cards, guestbooks, programs and coasters.

Birds of a Feather

But what for the bride that wants to develop the theme a little further? Not to worry: you can take the lovebird design on a much longer flight!

Feathers are a sweet touch for bride and groom alike. Your best men’s boutonnieres can bristle with trendy guinea hen feathers, while your own ‘do might be beautifully adorned with a soft white feather fascinator. Or, amp up the wedding party’s florals with a few arty twigs.

Also, birdcages have been used to fabulous effect in lovebird weddings, ranging from elegant card boxes to elaborate centerpieces.

Tip: Thrift a variety of elegant old birdcages, and unify them visually with a quality spray paint in a metallic paint, or one of your colors. You can then make these centerpieces even grander by “perching” them on homemade cake plates, for height, and filling them with pillar candles, painted wooden table numbers, or flowers. You can even surround each birdcage with a rustic nest made of grapevine or curly willow!

Variation: instead of bird cages, place craft store bird houses on each cake plate.

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Hearts A-Twitter

Not all has to literally bow to the bird to fill out a lovebird theme, though. Extend the feel with bare-branch centerpieces in vases. Scribble small markers for a buffet table on lovely brown or speckled eggs. Use vintage fabrics in patterns like gingham and herringbone to great effect: for a ring pillow, for example, or for unique table runners or a pennant banner, or even a unique gift wrap for your favor boxes.

If everything vintage sets your heart a-twitter, experiment with some sweet apothecary jars, antique vases (try milk or mercury glass), pale pastel colors and cupcake towers. Be sure to thrift a few pairs of lovebirds, like those darling old salt-and-pepper shaker matched sets, and place these at focal points such as your guestbook table. Speaking of guestbooks, why not skip the traditional journal entirely and have your guests sign a birdhouse with permanent marker? You can spray-varnish this creation after the wedding and enjoy the results forever after.

But what for the bride who wants more of a woodsy feel? Fill a tray with sheet moss and top with your place cards, weave curly willow between elegant candelabras, decorate with leaves, ferns or cherry blossoms, use flowerpots as favor containers, wrap glass cylinder vases in sheet bark, or hang petal cones from your ceremony chairs. You could even use a simple paper punchout from a craft store to create a gorgeous lovebird wishing tree from a few branches you’ve tucked in a vase.

Lovebird Wedding Favors

Lovebird favors are “tweet” as can be, with popular options ranging from birdy bubbles to cute little birdseed favors that guests can scatter at the ceremony, or suspend from a branch at home. Bakery-crafted lovebird cookies are another popular option. So are pretty little candies placed in a little favor nest, or even a small and rustic candy buffet featuring candy eggs and Jordan almonds.


Let Your Imagination Soar

This is only a start to the theme … the rest is up to you! Just take a moment to reflect on the colors, textures and materials that make you feel closest to nature or most nostalgic, and take it from there. Chances are, guests will be shouting from the treetops about your one-of-a-kind love nest for years to come!

Credits: photo resources via Joccay and smargalit.