MOG Wearing Same Dress for Son’s Wedding as Daughter’s Wedding

I’m the MOG and when my daughter got married last year, I wore a long navy blue dress. Is it inappropriate to wear the same dress to my son’s wedding this Oct. The colors of the wedding are royal blue and black. MOB is wearing purple. So is the navy appropriate color?

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Dear MOG,

I’m not the color expert, but it is fine to wear the dress again as long as it is conservative, not more formal than the MOB, and the bride has no problem with it. I really doubt that anyone would recognize the dress from the first wedding. Of course, the dress will appear in the wedding pictures as the same one. But you would probably be the only one who would have the pictures side by side.

Best wishes,

Irina Feygin

You can wear a Navy dress with this color combination. Also, if you want it to look a bit different in the photos, you can slightly “disguise” it with a different jewelry and accessories: shoes and handbag. Enjoy the wedding!