How to choose the right spot for the wedding reception

There are some particular things that need to be known when it comes to choosing the wedding reception salon and you have to be aware of these in due time, so that you end up with the appropriate pick in the most important day of your life. So, how do we pick the wedding reception salon? There are some things that you need to keep in mind and it’s important to respect them with attention….
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So, let’s start with the dimension of the wedding reception salon, shall we?

This is the first thing that you need to keep in mind and it’s an essential matter for your entire wedding reception: the space of the place in which your wedding reception takes place has to be appropriate for the number of guests there. Look things on the other side, it’s absurd paying a salon for 200 people when you have only 90 invited. For a wedding reception with about 50 people you can choose a smaller place, where you can create a more intimate atmosphere where your guests will feel absolutely fine!

how to choose the right spot for the wedding receptionCredit
How to choose the right spot for the wedding reception

The guests that come from other parts of the country, where they can stay?

This situation involves relatives or even friends who come from other cities than yours and you can confront with this matter, so be prepared for it. Of course, you can let them handle on their own, but this means having the unpleasant surprise of not seeing those dear persons next to you at the grand event. If the budget permits you, then arrange them to stay at a hotel that has a salon for events. Make sure that you negotiate the hospitality and the wedding reception at the same price, in order to obtain the best bargain – you have to save money at some point, think of all the costs that you have to endure.

Once you have stumbled over these problems, you can continue with the matter of the food to be served, how much you need and the ingredients that are going to enter when it comes to their components, the parking or if there’s also the terrace that you can use next to the salon. Well, these are matters that also need to be taken care of and we’re sure that you are going to keep them in mind!

The menu is important as well!

Some restaurants are going to push you to have a taste of what they have prepared, to which you add the quality of food and then you establish what your menu is going to consist in. even though it may seem like an easy task, picking the menu can turn out to be a really difficult thing to do, especially due to the multitudes of offers that you might have. The traditional menu is the most suitable pick, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you pick something more sophisticated at the reception – this will make the difference.

The drinks are an important part of the wedding reception as well! So, before taking the final decision, you should reflect only on the fact that the guests are not going to appear at the wedding only for eating, but they won’t end up starving as well. The menu and the drinks have to take into account the period of the wedding and the season in which it takes place. If the wedding takes place in November, it’s probable that your guests would prefer to drink beer, but alcoholic drinks with lots of alcohol in them, can also be taken into account if it’s a cooler weather.

Think of a summer wedding, if it takes place in an outdoor spot, and then take into account light menus, without too many rough sauces or spices. The drinks are important; maintain them cool and good to be drunk all the time.

The waiters are essential, if not crucial in a wedding reception! If their number isn’t sufficient, then your guests are not going to be served properly. Don’t forget that in many cases the guests are going to get really mad if the waiters don’t serve them in an adequate manner.

So, create a balance and study with attention the sum of money that you have for spending for the wedding reception and the other details – these should be studied with attention in such a manner as to end up with the right choice!