Ideas with blue in the wedding reception venues

The most effective way to combine colors in a wedding reception is to make sure that these are complementary and in the same time the picks that you make have to totally resemble your personality. We have encountered throughout the time several color combinations for the wedding reception and of course you were aware of these as well.
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Let’s also add that the key to the success of a wedding reception is too dare and what if the colors you apply for are too strong? This latest aspect does not matter, the most important thing is for you to make the right pick and you’ll see that the final visual effect is indeed stunning.

Red, blue and eggshell

These three colors/tones how you may like to call them seem really appropriate to be combined. The string tones are of course blue and red and when we say strong, we push you to apply for a darker tone of these two, in order to create an interesting contrast with the eggshell tone.

So, where can you apply for these strong combinations? Almost everywhere: at the level of the dresses of course (for the mother of the bride, the bridesmaids, the flower girls) and in the costume of the groom and the story doesn’t end here! There are some other “areas” in which you can use blue and red together: the wedding flower arrangements, the table cloths, the wedding favors as well as the wedding invitations.

The bridal gown can remain in the eggshell tone we have mentioned about. This tone will certainly create a mesmerizing effect together with the other ones and so, you can end up with an amazing looking wedding reception.

blue in the wedding reception venuesCredit
Blue in the wedding reception venues

Blue and light green and some white

Here’s a combination of colors with which you certainly cannot fail! Besides the fact that it is also daring, well, in the same time it offers you a refreshing feeling in your wedding reception. The great thing about this blending of colors is that it can be used during the entire year and believe us, few are the chances for your guests not to love what you have created.

Like in the case of the other color combination palette, this one can also be used in almost every “field” of your wedding ceremony. You can apply for lots of flower arrangements created in white and faded green and the main flowers that can help you create this effect are chrysanthemums and callas. Also, blue and light green can also be chosen at the level of the bridesmaid dresses and the wedding accessories for the groom, such as his tie, the boutonniere and so on.

Blue in the wedding reception venuesCredit
Blue in the wedding reception venues

Who said that you cannot apply for a blue and light green wedding cake is wrong! You certainly need it as to end up with a really interesting visual effect and obtain an interesting part in the wedding reception room.

Blue, corral and a touch of green – an ideal combination for a summer wedding theme

This way of combining colors is indeed to create a really interesting visual effect. The great thing about these tones together is that they will not realize a strong combination, but it still remains appealing. This is ideal for those brides who are afraid of strong color combinations in the wedding reception, due to the fact that it may seem too much for the viewer’s eye.

Blue can be used at the level of the bridesmaid dresses, the wedding flowers and some other details in the wedding reception, such as the table cloths and different pieces of décor. Green can also be used as the main color for the bridesmaid dresses and let us also admit that there will be obtained an interesting visual effect together with the bridal gown, which can be realized in a corral tone if you wish to.

Blue in the wedding reception venuesCredit
Blue in the wedding reception venues

Blue, turquoise and green

Blue in the wedding reception venuesCredit
Blue in the wedding reception venues

Here’s indeed a daring combination of tones for a wedding reception that takes part in an open air space. The green tone will definitely be ensured by the grass in the garden and the sky will be blue, this is the natural part of the wedding reception, but there are also some other details that can be used with success and in the colors we have mentioned: the wedding cake can be made in a lighter option of these colors, there are also the bridesmaid dresses and let’s not forget about the different pieces of ornament or wedding flower arrangements that can be created in this combination of colors!

These tones will look splendid under the moonlight and the other sources of light you have applied for. Also a hint when it comes to an open air wedding like this one: choose lights that are not that strong, because you create a more interesting visual effect in this way!