Suggestions for an open air wedding

An open air wedding is the dream of many young couples and in order to realize such a reception some times you don’t need so much money. For instance, if you have a house with a big garden, then the place is just perfect and the list may continue. And this is exactly our topic: cheap open air weddings and you can be sure that you’ll remain satisfied after you read this topic!

Suggestions for an open air wedding

Taking the hints we’ve just mentioned previously, think in this way: you may organize a great festivity in your own garden, applying for arrangements that are neat and cheap in the same time. So let’s start with giving you some indications regarding how you can manage to arrange your own garden in order for the wedding ceremony (or the party) to take place there.
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Think if you have trees in your garden, if you do then it’s the perfect place, under the tree: place a table and some chairs and the ceremony may take place there. Also, you can go dressed in your bride’s dress and the groom in his costume. It’s the perfect place, it’s in your intimacy and you’ll feel great just standing there!

The next suggestion for the outdoor wedding regards the party that can take place also in your garden. You can rent some nice looking tables and chairs and place on them some great and nice table covers and all the arrangements can be homemade. This is a wonderful idea if your wedding takes place only between you and your closest ones and you still want to maintain the traditions.

Suggestions for an open air wedding2

Many of you may not feel enchanted when it comes to this place, but think that you won’t pay extra money for the space, music and so on…. You can perfectly realize such a wedding if you have a large yard and it would be a pity if you don’t do it in your intimate place and where you know that everything’s your and you don’t depend on anybody else!

You have to make your mind really soon, because this is the appropriate season to realize such a wedding, and in case you don’t have the garden that we’ve been talking about you can also apply for the seaside or other romantic sites that will definitely make you special, because after all, it’s your wedding day and this is the way you should feel.

If you concentrate you’ll end up with a great looking ceremony that is outdoor and will definitely make you feel special and it will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience. After years, you’ll look at the pictures taken in that special day and you’ll end up being melancholic and wishing that that day not to finish ever and maybe reliving it once more.

Suggestions for an open air wedding3

Think of the idea we’ve just proposed for a few minutes, talk with your partner and make up your mind into realizing a great event, which will be definitely different from others and really special for you!