Wedding on the sea shore

Are you a romantic couple? Have you ever thought of making your wedding on the seashore? Summer or spring, the sea, the sand, the moon and the worm beams of sun: do these elements inspire you? It`s indeed a difficult idea to put into practice, but it sounds marvelous, doesn`t it? And after all, you seem closer to God in nature…


If you`re determined to do your wedding in the seaside, then you should start to direct your energy and attention towards the civil and religious event, invitations, places where to let your guests sleep, restaurant and all the other things.

The first problem you may encounter is that you don`t live near the seashore, or in a city “that possesses sea”… funny way of seeing things but you must be optimistic! Many people have succeeded in doing their weddings in the most peculiar places, so be strong!
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One way of arranging you wedding is for you to come in the town you intend to do your wedding and test the market, see the costs or a more convenient variant is for you to stay on your chair and browse the internet or you pay an agency to take care of all the aspects!


The next step you must go through is that of the space and place the ceremony will take place! Of course, you don`t go to another city to stay in a restaurant, you either find a deserted beach or a nice terrace. You don`t need to pay taxes in this case, and it`s a plus, avoid the populated beaches, cause those there are in vacation and see you in a bride costume, will feel weird in bathing suits.

If you want to do both the civil and religious ceremonies on the beach, then you need to pay some money over the calculations, because after all, the mayor and the priest are moved from their work places! Do you think it`s worth doing this? Well, it is! After all, it`s one in a life time event, remember?!


When choosing the day of your wedding you must find an appropriate weather, so study the news reports! Don`t laugh, you should really do this, if you don`t want to have your gowns wet, or sand in your shoes! If you want to be preventive, you can buy a large tent … and your worried will fly away!

Now, after reading, you consider this aspect, don`t you? Well, it`s just great if you do that, because you`ll surely have a unique wedding that many people will speak about!