Open air weddings – wedding tents

The classic places for taking the wedding reception are different restaurant places, salons, or closed spaces in which the ceremony takes place. The modern human being is always in need of fresh air and wide spaces, which don’t involve spending too much money. For this matter, there is always the solution of an open air wedding.
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Open air weddings can take place in your own backyard, garden, in the park or in a public space that you are able to rent and use as you wish. There is also another aspect that you need to know when it comes to these types of weddings: the wedding tent. If you decide such a spot for the wedding, you can end up with a more luxurious spot than in a fancy restaurant. All you have to know is how to choose your details.

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Open air wedding

The top of the wedding tent

Usually, the top of the wedding tent is made of a strong material in white, but it might as well be transparent. If the wedding takes place in the warm season, then it is recommended for it to be made from material that permits the sunrays to penetrate too much and so, the temperature to increase. In the interior side you can adorn the top of the wedding tent with flowers or fluid fabrics.

The light

The company that is going to “borrow” you the wedding tent will make sure that there are options for lighting as well. If you want special elements that are going to create special models on the walls, then communicate the changes you intend on doing. They have to know about the supplementary weight that the construction has to bear, in order for it not to fall.

Ask the company to include some costs for heating the tent or air conditioning. But for the latter option, you need to open all the sides of the wedding tent – it’s more effective in this way.

The walls

You can choose transparent walls, with windows or matte ones, all these options being made of vinyl. The transparent walls can offer you a view over the surrounding environment, but the opaque ones can hide areas that you might want your guests to see.

open air weddings - wedding tentsCredit
Open air wedding

If you are afraid of the weather forecast, then you can place the walls, but you can put them down if the weather is how you wanted.