The appropriate attire for an informal mountain wedding

You are the adventurer’s type and therefore you have decided to get married in the mountains. Well, all we can say is that it really is a great choice for a wedding ceremony. In fact, you won’t need much for your nuptials: a witness, some guests (if you want) an officiant, and so on. But, I’m pretty sure that this is not what bothers you at the moment, but you are rather concerned about your and your groom’s apparel. You should stop worrying, because we are here and we have some great idea for you.
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To begin with, these weddings are quite informal. Therefore you shall wear a casual wedding dress. And if you will get married in the summer, you may even wear a short wedding dress, which will look great in that exotic background. So for the time being, we have establisher that your wedding dress must expose the formality of the event; therefore in this décor the traditional wedding gown is out of the question.

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Wedding dress

As for your groom, he may wear some nice slacks and a comfortable shirt. It will really make him feel at his ease and he will definitely enjoy his ceremony, if he will wear something like this. Because this is quiet a serious event he may wear a jacket or a nice vest, items that he may take off after the ceremony. As you certainly know, the tie is definitely excluded from this scenario; thus his attire will definitely make him feel at his ease and comfortable.

Also, if you want something unique and one of a kind, and if you will only be accompanies by a witness, then you may definitely wear something representative for this big adventure; for instance some: warm, cozy and comfortable clothes, if you will get married in winter or a short and nice dress (for the bride) and some black jeans and a comfortable shirt (for the groom) in the winter. After all, no one says that the bride and groom must wear some elegant clothes.

The appropriate attire for an informal mountain weddingCredit
The appropriate attire for an informal mountain wedding

Everyone should feel free to wear whatever one pleases and whatever represents his / her personality better. So, I believe this will be great news for brides who can not stand the idea of wearing a wedding dress and some uncomfortable shoes.

However, if this is not your style and if you really want the white wedding dress, than you should definitely wear it, because otherwise you will surely regret later.