Problems in the wedding venue receptions

What can possibly happen on my wedding day?

Can we fail in our bridal day?

Of course, we don’t want to scare you, but in the wedding day can happen so many things if you don’t avoid them in due time and be preventive. Even if we’re speaking about a wild child, the high temperatures in the wedding reception room or a drunken guest, you have to be prepared for any situation.
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Here’s how we intervene and offer you only the most useful pieces of advice and solutions, of course with the unpleasant situation attached.

The sun can be a problem

Even if we’re speaking about an outdoor wedding reception or one that happens in a wedding hotel with wide windows, you have to make sure that the sun isn’t unpleasant for the eyes. The same situation stands for the candles. If there are too many candles in the room and there’s also another source of light, then surely the eyes of your guests can get rather tired.

So, in this situation you don’t have to renounce to the wedding venue location, because this isn’t a problem without solution. You have to make sure that all the sources of light are adjusted, that their level of light is appropriate and so, end up with the right environment for your guests. This is not a major problem concerning the wedding venue, but it can get rather disturbing if you don’t pay attention to the details.

Our hint: rent or buy some drapes that are designed in warm toned fabric and shiny, in this manner the sun will enter the location and light it in a colorful manner.

The weather and the wedding tent

The second situation stands for the outdoor wedding locations and we are referring to the weather that can tend to get rather unpleasant sometimes. Especially during the summer season, it can happen for an unexpected rain “to appear” and so, your entire wedding ceremony can be ruined! We are not speaking about a long period rain; we are talking about one that can last only a few minutes, but that can tend to be kind of harsh.

Of course, for this situation you can prepare yourself by making the outdoor wedding in a tent and in this way you are covered entirely and maybe consider this pouring rain rather romantic. But there can be also the problem of mud, if a wedding guest has to go out to his/her car, then he/she will bring mud back.

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Wedding venue receptions

Our hint: if you don’t want to stay with your train in your hands all night long due to the fact that you are scared it can get dirty, and then you can resolve with the wedding vendors in plenty of time. Before renting the tent for your outdoor wedding, you have to make sure that you ask the company for some extra layers near the entrance in which the guests can clean their feet and so, the area will remain clean!

The romantic wedding does not look romantic at all

So, we’ve heard about many couples whom would love the idea of applying for lots of candles in their wedding reception venue reception. In fact, these candles are placed in the middle sides of the tables of the wedding reception: they are small and you can create a trail with their help. Also, you would love just a little bit of light next to these candles and this is what you are expecting the wedding to look like.

Here comes the problem: the candles can’t last all night long due to the fact that they’re rather too small or the wedding guests can’t stay calm and they blow in these. Well, the last situation is rather funny, but not impossible to happen, you know?

This is indeed a problem, because the wedding reception room might not look as you imagined it to be and here is where we intervene….

Our hint: when you shop for the wedding arrangements and the pieces of décor make sure that you buy similar looking pieces, but made in a different way. The exercise that you can do is to go home and light each candle in the same time and observe which one fades away first. Of course, that one should be avoided in the wedding day. This means that now you are ready to go and shop for the wedding candles calmly and of course, buy the ones that you considered as suiting your expectations the most.