Seaside wedding

We know that it’s kind of late to speak about open air weddings that take place on the beach…. But it’s never too late for everything, because in this way you’re going to know in due time all the details that concern such a wedding and maybe you’re going to apply for one or not.

So, a wedding on the seaside is the dream of every romantic. The sand, sea and the sun make it a special spot, one that is full of good feelings and serene ones. But how gorgeous you see this spot and location, the more problems you get. Here is one of the things that you have to take into account when you plan such a wedding.

seaside wedding

The main worry that you have to have in the case of every event that takes part in open air is definitely the weather.
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The beaches are open locations in which the wind blows and the breeze appears as well, so the care that you have to have for this place is bigger than in any other locations. The strong winds can carry away even the guests for whom you have to take care of properly. Also, the sun can be also an important element as well….

seaside wedding 2

The guests should use sun lotion and even wear a pair of sunglasses. The rain is also a possibility and we think that renting a tent is an appropriate solution and option.

In what concerns the wind conditions, the ceremony should be planned some time around the lunch time, because in this time the speed of the wind is reduced when the temperature of water and that of the soil have similar values. Don’t forget to take into account flux as well.

The sand is another worry that you have to have. For avoiding chairs that go in sand you should rent a floor. Also, the guests should be warned not to wear high heels.

seaside wedding 3

Due to the noisy nature and the sea you’re going to encounter some difficulties when it comes to the sand, so you have to take some precaution measures. In case in which the beach doesn’t dispose of toilets you should rent them.

In case the ceremony is going to be held on a public beach, it’s important that other people shouldn’t be around, so the spot that you apply for shouldn’t be one very populated. The rules of the beaches shouldn’t be missed as well; they have to be taken into account.

The size of the guest list is one of the most important issues. It matters if you want or not that the wedding reception takes place on the beach or you move in a restaurant nearby.