Tips for open air weddings 2

We’ve got some other tips to offer to you in order to organize a good looking open air wedding and really successful in the same time, it’s not hard at all, believe us! You may be wondering with what to start first. Read the previous article; blend it with the pieces of information offered here and the result: a perfect open air wedding.

The fruits are also important and they need to be used in such a wedding, you can be certain of this! So, besides the fact that you can serve them to your guests as centerpieces, you add them in the night time, towards the ending of your ceremony and you can add here and there some chocolate covered strawberries or other fruits. Please serve them cool, because they’re going to be refreshing and really helpful in the same time.

tips for open air weddings 2

The wedding cake is also important! Yes, you have to make sure that the wedding cake stays in a cool place and it’s served in the same manner to your guests. Let’s not forget that you can also apply for an ice cream wedding cake, because it’s really relaxing for your stomach and entire body in the same time. It’s not hard at all! Don’t store it in open air, or don’t leave it there for too long, because the air can’t be that fresh and it can get really messy and melting in the same time, no matter if it’s made of ice cream or other ingredients.
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Also, in open air weddings candles look really gorgeous in the centerpieces and in the different flower arrangements that you can apply for. So, these are used on the tables and lighted during the night as to create a nice visual effect and a warm air in the atmosphere. Pay attention with the candles, because if you don’t surround them with something or stuff like that, they can get damaged or flow away and some other accidents can happen and we’re sure that you wouldn’t want that!

tips for open air weddings 2 2

The night time can get a little bit chilly and you, as a bride definitely wear a sleeveless wedding dress, that’s why we suggest you to apply for a scarf that can be placed on your shoulders and the same thing can be done in the case of the bridesmaids. Also, another hint is to make this scarf of transparent fabric with a nice looking color, but not that contrasting….

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We mentioned about this aspect in our previous article and it shouldn’t be omitted in this one as well. Insects can be a big problem when it comes to an open air wedding and that’s why we recommend you to apply for insecticides. Also, you’re not going to spread them with your own hands, there are hired persons that do that!