Open air wedding 3

So, we were mentioning some time ago about some details and tricks that involved the organization of an open air wedding. We’re certain that you feel enchanted in what concerns this type of wedding and it’s clear that you have all the reasons for applying for this type of ceremony.

open air wedding

Another thing that we would like to mention is that if you take into account all the details and elements added here, you’re going to end up with a really gorgeous wedding, which will end up being really affordable in the same time.
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Use delicate fabric in order to adorn the tables and chairs. If you want to create a special atmosphere then you can definitely apply for vintage details, because they go really nice in combination with the other details.

open air wedding 2

Don’t base yourself only on wild flowers for the bouquets or and the arrangements because they have the tendency of getting dried faster.

If it’s possible, do in such a manner that the flower arrangements stay in water on the entire duration of the event, it’s better and safer in this way, believe us! You have to leave the impression of freshness and we’re certain that in this manner, you’re going to obtain it.

open air wedding 3

Choose with attention the flower that you’re going to wear in your hair in such a manner that it resists throughout the day.

Before the ceremony, keep the bouquets and flower arrangements in a cool spot so that you maintain them fresh and good looking, this is between the most important things when it comes to such a wedding.

Make sure that you avoid placing the tables next to trees with falling leaves. The gardens, flowers and strong odors attract the insects and this is why you have to announce your guests in due time.

In this way they can prepare for your nice event by using protective lotion, sunglasses and different sprays that are meant to protect them from insects or napkins that can be used in case of allergic reactions.

Last but not least, you have to make sure of all the organization details with the photographer and the cameraman. They have to know in due time where and when your open air wedding is going to take place in order to take appropriate equipment.

It’s necessary that they come in proper time and install their equipment in a spot where the visibility is great from every angle.

We’re certain that you’re going to find all these details and elements really useful when it comes to your own open air wedding and that you apply for some of the pieces of advice offered here or to take into consideration all the elements indicated here.