Problems that may occur in the case of destination weddings

Destinations weddings usually imply lots of cots and therefore you will have to decide who you will invite and how these wedding invitations shall be worded. We understand your concern and your worries and therefore we have created a plan that will definitely help you get out of this deadlock.
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First of all, your parents must be there, that of course if you have a strong relationship with them. We understand that you would like more to be with some young friends, but they are your parents, those who have given you life, so do not miss to invite them on your destination wedding. Also, your sisters, brother, or other close member of your family should accompany you on this adventurous trip, because these are the person that have stood by you when you needed them, so you should definitely invite them.

Given the fact that it isn’t exactly the embodiment of a traditional wedding ceremony, a great thing would be if you would choose only a maid of honour and your groom only a best man. Thus, you will avoid spending a lot of money on the apparel of these persons or and their accommodation, in case you decide to pay for everything.

Problems that may occur in the case of destination weddingsCredit
Problems that may occur in the case of destination weddings

Since we have mentioned this aspect, i.e. the money one, let’s get more into details. Everybody knows that one spends a lot of money on a wedding, but in the case of a destination ceremony the price is doubled. Therefore, if you can afford to pay for the all your guests, you should talk with them and explain the situation. So, given these details, you shall apologise for the inconvenient and you should specify that even if you desired to have them at your wedding you understand completely their reasons.

Oh, and we should clarify the wedding invitations problem. We can all agree that destination wedding are more special. Therefore, you will understand that the best solution in this case would be to arrange a meeting with everyone you love and appreciate and invite them at your destination wedding. Thus, you will have the occasion to explain them the money problem.

Also, another solution would be to invite only the persons for whom you can pay. After your wedding, when you will return home, you may invite all your friends and family, in order to celebrate your wedding ceremony. Thus, nobody feelings’ will be hurt and everyone will have the chance to congratulate you on your marriage.

So, it turns out that every problem has a solution, you will just have to think about it and it will definitely come.