Special places for weddings

“Where can I organize my wedding and be special in the same time?” has this question come into your mind? It seems that, as usual, we have all the right suggestions for you and we’re offering all the possibilities that you can encounter when it comes to a special place for making your wedding.

We start with the first suggestion of place in which your wedding can take place. So, we’re speaking about the Pride Park, Derby Stadium. You can take a lot of great pictures there, really interesting and you’re going to receive all the indications needed from the people working there. We really think that it’s interesting to organize your wedding into a glass suit….

special places for weddings

Also, if you want to organize a wedding with a special theme or something like that, simply do it and you won’t encounter any problems while you’re doing it. Besides the fact that you have a big space in which you can take all your wedding pictures, there’s also the Derby County mascot with which you can realize interesting pictures.
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How about Hong Kong? Does it seem as an interesting place in which you can make your wedding? Well, we’re speaking especially about the Intercontinental Hotel, a luxurious place that has view to the Victoria Harbor and of course the city of Hong Kong that has splendid views.

special places for weddings 2

Our next suggestion is of course London! Yes, and not any place in London, we’re speaking in particular about the gardens on Kensington. These splendid gardens are made somewhere above the city of London and you can observe an interesting view indeed: like the Tudor Walls and let’s not forget of course about all the nice looking details in the garden.

special places for weddings 3

You can encounter there flamingo birds with their pink look and you may include them in your wedding album. Also, the place is really spacious and you can bring a lot of people with you there, almost 500, which is a big number, admit it!

Vienna is also a gorgeous place in which your wedding can take place and do it near Ferris, a gigantic spot in a fun park there. This one has been built in 1897 and it’s guaranteed one of the most visited spots in the town; it’s like the background of the movie “The third man” in which Orson Welles was a part of.

special places for weddings 4

You can realize your wedding in a style of art nouveau and we’re certain that this amazes you pretty much. Let’s also mention that you can organize in no matter what day of the week! That sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

Last but not least is the Great Wall of China, which can definitely seem an interesting spot for your wedding day.

special places for weddings 5

Think of all the gorgeous pictures that you can realize with the help of this world’s wonder. Also, you can experience a marvelous thing while you’re eating traditional Chinese food, we’re sure that this sounds pretty great!