Things you should check before booking your wedding venue

Everybody says that it is more comfortable to have your wedding ceremony held at a restaurant. If you are one of these person maybe you should know some information concerning the wedding venues, before booking a certain place. Of course that there must be a “love at first sight” thing, bust still, you should be a little practical and check some thing before the real commitment.

First of all, you should know how many people you will invite at your nuptials. I know that normally these wedding venues are booked a long time before the actual party, but still you should estimate and when looking for your restaurant the first information you should require is about seat capacity.
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Also, you should actually see many different restaurants, so that you could compare them and you could get to choose among many offers. Therefore, look thoroughly, and only in this way you will be certain about your wedding venue, otherwise you might regret it later.

Your wedding budget is an important matter. Therefore, you should ask some information about this topic too. For instance you should know if there is a payment schedule, which are the overtime charges or what is the cancellation policy. Also, you should read carefully the contract, because you must be sure that there aren’t any hidden costs. It wouldn’t hurt if you would ask them if you may bring your liquor and your catering staff, because usually you could find these things cheaper.

Things you should check before booking your wedding venueCredit
Things you should check before booking your wedding venue

A thing that should interest you very much is the décor of the restaurant, because you must verify if it will suit your style and the theme of you wedding, also, connected with the money issues, you should check if you will spend much on your favourite accessories, in order to embellish the place.

And last but not least you should check if your wedding venue has a big space for the wedding band and for your guests to dance; and also if there is a parking lot near the restaurant.

So, check these things out and you will be sure that you have found the suitable wedding venue. Also you should make some compromises, because you will never find a perfect place, with all facilities included.