Backyard wedding tips

For those that can afford extra expenses for renting a salon for the wedding reception and the wedding takes place in this warm season or the future one, well it seems that there’s always the variant in which they can apply for a backyard wedding.

We know that this doesn’t enchant most of you because you think that there isn’t enough space for all your guests and the tables and so on…. Well, if you read attentively our tips, be sure that you won’t have any problems when it comes to organizing (by yourself) such weddings.

O.k, so we start with the basic stuff. Organizing a backyard wedding gets cheaper than getting a reception in a salon. We have here some suggestions that will definitely be helpful when it comes to great looking weddings and really successful in the same time.

backyard wedding tips

The first thing that you can do for extra effect is to organize your backyard under the format of a tent. This will be a neat idea and it isn’t hard to make at all. Here’s what you have to do: buy some metallic bars or skeleton and create the format of a tent or a house. Ok, the next step consists in taking some big pieces of fabric and adding them on the bars. This will create a nice visual impression as the wind blows and these pieces of fabric move very sensuous.
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You have to create a special space for the tables and for the dancing. How this can be done? Well, it won’t be hard: you can rent some round or square tables and as many chairs as you can (don’t buy them, because you won’t need them after the wedding ceremony). Also, think of the basic colors for which you want to apply for and design your own table covers, it may be expensive than buying new ones, but you give a personal touch to the entire reception. The chairs have to have nice wraps as well and this is really important too. As you can observe these are basic steps and we hope that you take them into consideration in case you thought of a backyard wedding.

The plates, glasses and all of this stuff will be personally bought by you; we don’t recommend you to rent these, because it isn’t such a great idea.

Play with your imagination and order your own flower arrangements or if you feel like you can do it, you can design these yourself because it won’t be a hard thing to do. You can also apply for some chandeliers with flowers on top of the tent and play with lights in a very pleasant manner. The main thing is to use your imagination, remember?