Seaside wedding 2

We were speaking about seaside weddings and we sure hope that you would feel enchanted to apply for one because it’s something really special and that it’s going to make you feel different in comparison with others and that is going to seem a good solution in case you don’t have an idea on how to make a really special ceremony and maybe, a wedding reception.

seaside wedding 2

If your wedding takes place on the beach the theme that you apply for can be a Hawaiian one or a tropical one; in other words you definitely have to apply for multiple exotic flowers like orchids or anthurium. Use tropical colors not only for the flowers, but for the decorations and accessories as well….
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If the ceremony takes place somewhere around the sunset you can light torches or multiple candles on the beach and on the sea as well. You can choose the surfing theme or water sports if you’re fond of such details and you won’t fail you can be certain.

seaside wedding 2 2

You definitely need a photographer that is ready to take pictures in any conditions and around any type of weather and light. You have to explain with every little detail what exactly do you want and need in order for him or her to be prepared- even for rain or for the powerful sun. He’s going to suggest to you probably to take your ceremony at the sunset, because there are the best conditions for taking pictures here, but everything depends on what do the groom and bride wish for.

Anchor yourself pretty well! And we refer to anchoring we speak about the tent, the flower stands, the altar and the chairs. Don’t forget to warn your guests as well. The clothes that you wear, they have to be as relaxed as possible and the natural fabrics and fluids are the most preferable. The makeup and the hairstyle of the ladies and women have to definitely be resistant and we totally recommend you to apply for a simple loop.

seaside wedding 2 3

Planning a wedding on the beach isn’t an easy task and if you follow at least half of these steps you’re going to have a serious and unique wedding that is going to stay for some time in the memory of your guests and in your memory as well.

In case you really want to be special and remain special you definitely have to apply for a special theme for your wedding and also you have to choose an interesting spot that is really gorgeous looking in the same time and we’re certain that you’re not going to regret applying for it.