Accesories for bridal hair

The bridal hair accessories are the final touch for your hairdo. You just can simply wear only the veil but the truth is that the hair accessories gives a note of sophistication.

You can choose from tiaras, combs, flowers and wreaths, hair pins, barrettes, headbands and also hair extensions.

You have to take into account a lot of things, what kind of hairdo you are going to have, if your hair is short or long, if you are going to wear veil or not, what kind of veil you are going to wear-long, short, net veil and so on, it also depends of the color your hair.

I think that the most classical and refined accessory for your hair is the comb. Is neither small nor large, it can be worn on one side or the other of the head and also at the top or back of the head. Is suitable for any kind of hairdo and is perfect for those brides with short hair and also for those brides who do not want to wear the veil, but not only. The bridal comb can be made of silver or white gold decorated with crystal or pearls, and the vintage bridal combs are amazing. The bridal cobs are also very practice for a formal updo or a half up half down hairdo.

The hair pins are very used for those brides with long hair who decide to wear the hair just simple and straight or for those who want to have a perfect updo. It can be placed on one side, or you can use more pins and spread them among your hairdo creating a very special effect. The hair pin with pearls gives a very romantic note to the bride. Are also made of white gold, silver and you can find them on different colors which it will be easier for you to choose depending on the color of your wedding dress.

The headbands seems to offer an air of innocence and glamour  to the bride ,it makes her looks like a princess; are suitable for any kind of hairdo, maybe more for those who wants to wear their hair loose. The headbands are made of metallic wires and also made of gold and platinum and can be embellishment with pearls, precious gems or semi-precious gems.

The most worn accessory it seems to be the tiara or diadem; wearing it gives you a noble and royal style. There are tiaras encrusted with crystal, pearls or precious gems. Before choosing a tiara you have to take into account the shape of your face. For a around face you can choose any type of tiara besides of the flat headbands and as long as is taller than 4 cm. For those with an oval face can wear any kind of tiara they want; and if your face is long just avoid those tiaras with a peak at the top.

Don’t forget that you have to take into account that you have to accessorize your tiara with the other jewelry you are going to wear; you cannot wear a tiara made of pearls and have a necklace of precious gems. The most glamorous tiaras are indeed the vintage tiaras.