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7 Places to Buy a Preowned Wedding Dresses Online

If you’re looking for a stunning wedding dress and don’t have oodles of money to spend, one option is buying a preowned wedding dress. It is a great way to stretch your dollars further. Years ago it may have been a little weird to look at used wedding dresses, but in this day and age, in the period of the “shared economy”, there is absolutely no greater idea for those looking to save some money and get something amazing. We’ve assembled seven great  sites that offer huge selection, quality brands and discounted prices so every bride can get her dream dress.

Still White (

Calling itself the world’s wedding dress marketplace, Still White is a somewhat new player in the preowned wedding dress space. Brides list their wedding dresses for a small one time investment and sell it to eager new brides. We spent some time looking at the site and found some very high end used wedding dresses from the likes of Vera Wang. Worth a look if you want a high end wedding dress for less.

preowned wedding dress

Tradesy (

This site is the child of Recycled Bride and Tradesy, and there are a TON of options on here for you to choose from. Like many of the other sites listed below, the vast majority of dresses are being sold by the bride who bought/wore them, so you can ask a ton of questions. The images are great and you need to become a member first, but it is worth it.

preowned wedding dresses

Preowned Wedding Dresses (

The oldest and original destination for buying used wedding dresses, the team at Preowned Wedding Dresses is knowledgeable and experienced. On this site the preowned wedding dresses are sold by either the bride (wedding pictures galore!) or by boutiques looking to get rid of extra stock at sample sale prices. Free support to help brides find new, sample or used wedding dresses.

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OnceWed (

This site is so pretty. You can search by designer, size, price and a bunch of other filters. Definitely works well and you can see the real sizes of the dress on a real girl which we loved. We have seen that the prices are usually on par with the other competing sites out there. We’re also huge fans of the OnceWed blog (you should check it out).

preowned wedding dress

Nearly Newlywed (

Nearly Newlywed has a great ‘marketplace’ and ‘collection’ filter. Collections are filled with exclusive designers and hand picked gowns while marketplace has up to 90% off used and sample dresses. This is one of our favorite sites. The service is great and buyers rave about it.

preowned wedding dresses

Etsy ( & Ebay (

Etsy and Ebay are more mainstream players but both are great sources of used wedding dresses. The great news is that both sites can be great catch-all for anything weddings. You can find vintage and preowned designer dresses for far less than the sticker price. Don’t think of Etsy as a site exclusively for handmade items and don’t think of Ebay as a place to buy used books.

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