What to Wear to Your Rehearsal Dinner

Hi, I’m getting married in February and my wedding is very formal. I was wondering what I should wear to the rehearsal and if it should be white as well? or at least on my color scheme?


Donna, Wedding Queen, President

There’s no need to wear white. You can wear whatever color you like. If you’re having a rehearsal dinner, then choose a style based on the formality of the dinner, which is typically less formal than the wedding.

Joyce C Smith, MBC, President and owner of Weddings Unlimite

Most brides look at the rehearsal dinner as being a laid back evening. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable and fits with the venue style. Color is never an issue.


Irina Feygin, IMpeccable iMage

Totally agree with the experts! It is not necessary to wear white to the rehearsal dinner or to replicate wedding colors; dress according to formality of the event. Enjoy your day!

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Ditto, ditto, and ditto. Excellent advice. There are no etiquette rules here except, as previously stated, to dress for the formality of the event and venue. If it is a more formal venue, a nice cocktail dress (little black dress equivalent) would be fine.


Dana Y.Briggs, Premier Wedding Consultant

The sky is the limit on what style and even color combination you can wear for the rehearsal dinner. There is absolutely no need to wear white. Depending on the theme of your rehearsal dinner, be it a backyard BBQ or dinner gathering at the family estate, you should choose something that is a direct reflection of who you are. Express your beautiful self and bask in the memories you will create that night!

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