Want to have a kid-free wedding? Many do. Not everyone knows how to raise well-behaved children, resulting in nightmares that involve small fingers in wedding cakes, crying babies, tantrums, overly-playful preschoolers, various messes…the list goes on. If you really and truly want a wedding free of children, prepare for backlash. While some, namely those who do not have spawn, will be more than happy to attend your child-free wedding, those who have kids are probably going to pitch a fit…at least to each other. They will complain about finding babysitters, but if you want your wedding to be an adults-only affair, it is important to stand firm. After all, it is also a way to trim the guest list!

Review a few tips for ensuring no one brings their younglings to your wedding:

Let People Know BEFORE You Send The Invitations

Let guests with kids know before you send out your invitations that your wedding is not going to involve children. This gives them plenty of time to find a sitter, as they will literally have months to prepare.

Call It An “Adult Reception”

Avoid mentioning that children are not allowed at your wedding on the invitations. It is considered tacky. Go with wording such as “adult reception” instead, or writing “We have reserved [this number] of seats for you” on the RSVP card. It will obviously include the number of adults attending only.

Stay Firm

Do not waver on your stance, even if your cousin Charlotte is bemoaning that she just wants to bring her one “angel” to your wedding. Allowing one or two people to bring their children when you expressly said yours is a kid-free affair is a surefire way to cause tension on your wedding day. Those who left their children at home are going to be miffed, so be clear and firm: your wedding will not feature children. Not even a flower girl.

You could opt to have a babysitter at your wedding–someone to watch the kids in a designated area. However, this could give the children separation anxiety and cause problems…so if you really want your wedding to be kiddie-free, make sure it stays that way. It’s your wedding after all–so do what you want!