The Pick of Personalized Wedding Favors

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The Pick of Personalized Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are one of the most enjoyable things to choose when planning your wedding; they’re generally inexpensive, fun, and always go down well with the guests. Naturally, personalized favors featuring the bride and groom’s name are the most popular. Here are some of the best:


There are loads of different types of personalized candy that you can get for the big day, and it’s often a great idea to put them in a bowl for guests to take away with them. You can get rolls of sweets with printed names on them, or even rock, with the couple’s name running through the middle.


No fairy-tale wedding is complete without a personalized scroll of thanks to each guest. Come up with a beautiful message, have it printed on a miniature scroll, and then tie it up with a pretty ribbon that matches your color scheme. Place each scroll on the table where the guest is going to sit. There’s a great guide here which tells you how to create your own.

Engraved Glasses

Shot glasses generally aren’t too expensive, and will be treasured by your guests forever. Have your names engraved on the glass, along with the date, and you’ve got a great memento of the big day for your guests to take away. These pieces are great as ornaments, even for guests that don’t drink.

Key Rings

Ideal for close family members, a key ring that includes a miniature photo of the two of you is a wonderful gift to give so that they can remember the special day. You can either have a photo taken before the wedding, or send the correct sized photos afterwards. Treat Republic sells personalized key rings in several different designs.


E-books may be all the rage, but sales of paperbacks have actually risen recently. Choose a pretty bookmark with your names and the date of the wedding. You can easily clip it to napkins at the place setting for each guest, to double up as a name card.

Tea lights

Miniature candles are a great choice to scatter around the tables at your wedding meal. You can either light some of them, or allow your guests to take them home and enjoy. Personalized ones are available with a little sticker on the lid. Scented ones are available too, which can remind your guests of the wedding at a later date.