Indenting When Writing Thank You Notes

This may seem like a stupid or insignificant matter…..These days I know it is uncommon to indent when writing a letter on the computer, but is it still considered correct when handwriting thank you notes? 

Etiquette Now

As a teacher I truly believe that there are no stupid or insignificant questions and this one is neither. And yes, I have noticed that most do not indent when writing letters using a computer, but it is still proper when writing personal correspondence. What isn’t proper is using a computer to write your thank you notes. These are supposed to be personal, handwritten notes sent by snail mail. Using a computer makes these less personal. Those who gave gifts were not obligated to do so. So, we should appear very thankful and grateful for the gesture. Handwriting our thank you notes is just one small way of demonstrating this. Using the excuse of messy handwriting isn’t valid either.

Reader Response

Thank you for your help. I completely agree about handwriting thank you notes. I am taking much care in writing them because as you said people were generous enough to give us a gift so the least we can do is write a thank you card by hand!…and it is my pleasure to do so.This project can be a little tricky though, because not only do you want to write it straight from the heart (without repeating yourself too much), you also do not want look ignorant with grammar, spelling etc. and many times it’s just an just an oversight or tiresomeness (so they get out in due time)….I proofread a lot. In reference to sending preprinted thank you notes I feel that it is rude and have read everywhere that it is unacceptable, but it seems like many people are doing this. I have received them. Why is this fashionable now? Just curious.

Etiquette Now

As in all things, it may be fashionable by those who do not know better. For those who do, many times it appears as if these people are socially inept, which isn’t an appealing label. Many people just don’t take the time to consider what others might think and how it might make them feel before they take action. This is unfortunate, as we shouldn’t want those who gave to us feel as if we didn’t appreciate it.

Bridal Expert

Either with an indent or not is fine. The difference is that when you indent at the top of each paragraph, you don’t have to double space between paragraphs, as the indent shows the beginning of the new one.

Bride Next Door

Typically for a personal letter, especially a handwritten one, I would definitely indent.