Wedding favors guide 2

We continue our list of suggestions for wedding favors and elements that need to be taken into account when it comes to details like these. We hope that our guide seemed pretty useful to you and that you’re going to take it into account because we only want to help you!

So, you also need to know that you can apply for different types of wedding favors when it comes to your godfather and godmother, to your parents, the bridesmaids and the best men. This means that you have to be careful when you make your shopping list in order to know the different types of objects that you need.

In order to make your thematic frame complete you have to choose  favors that are appropriate with the motif that you’ve chosen. So, for the green wedding you can apply for flower pots, tea, different small bags with spice and so on.

If you have an Asiatic wedding you can apply for favors that have the symbol of blossomed cherries, bamboo fans, Chinese straws, bells and different feng-shui symbols.

For a fairytale wedding you can offer to your guests a book with your story, a photo album or a CD or even a papyrus.
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The next wedding with which we want to continue and the wedding favors that you can apply for relates to the glamour wedding. This one needs extravagant  favors, accessorized with crystals or precious stones, porcelain or silver hardware.

In order to have a marine theme wedding complete there’s the option in which you can choose the favors that you have there made in formats of shells, snails, bottles that are painted manually and with sand on them and small bouquets made of lavender, pots with green wheat or even tree cones can be considered as being appropriate to open air weddings

We continue with spring weddings that have interesting options for which you can apply for: flower pots, small boxes filled with candy or butterflies or even lady bugs, or you could also apply for nice biscuits with flower motifs on them.

If you have a limited budget then this means that you have to place on the list the number of  favors that you need. Make sure that you choose the personalized  favors for every guests and what exactly you’re thinking of. Calculate just how much a wedding favor can cost and you’re done with this problem.

If you have a limited budget then you can apply for creating your favors handmade and you can make these of organza with bonbons and ribbons tied in bows. Some other wedding favors that you can make handmade and consuming as less as possible- a CD with your story, small bags with spice, seeds or tea and so on….