Blue Wedding Flowers for Your Perfect “Something Blue?”. Yep, We Love That Idea Too.

Quick— name five blue wedding flowers. Stumped? Don’t feel bad. The color blue works well with so many wedding styles: depending on the shade, it can be stately, fresh, light, innocent, or glamorous. But which blue flowers are actually a natural blue? Several, actually. Here are our top eight blue blossoms. And even if you’re main hue isn’t blue, don’t leave yet! Several of these flowers work well as accents—especially if you’re still searching for the perfect “something blue.”


Anemones are one of the most elegant and stunning blue blooms. There are two types of anemone that come in blue: one a rich, mouth-watering sapphire with a black center, and the other a ruffle of white petals with a navy center that makes stunning statement blue flower bouquets.

anemone anemone2


Lisianthus blossoms are large and silky, and usually white, but blue-tipped Lisianthus blossoms, greenery, and white accent blooms make impossibly elegant arrangements. These are some of our favorit pictures of blue flowers.



Tweedia grow in white, pink or powder blue, and their sprays of tiny, star-like blossoms are the perfect accent for any bouquet. They also make adorable boutonnieres. Blue flowers like this have a certain richness to them.

tweedia2 tweedia


If you’re looking for the quintessential blue wedding flower, the country wedding blossom, look no further: it’s the cornflower. Sweet, spunky, and vibrant, they particularly shine in late summer or early august weddings, when fields are turning gold and skies are still blue.



Tall and stately, yet still charming, delphinium make gorgeous centerpieces or oversized bouquets for your blue wedding flower. They blend well in blue-themed bouquets, but can also hold their own quite well.



Every family has that one quirky cousin who never seems to need anyone’s approval and has no difficulty simply being herself. In the flower family, that’s Ageratum. Bohemian and full of spunk, periwinkle or sky-blue ageratum blossoms are the perfect accent blossom for the bride who’s always danced to the beat of her own drum.



Hyacinth, on the other hand, is the older sister in the flower family. Traditional, unassuming, and beautiful, hyacinth also happens to smell absolutely heavenly. Don’t have just a blue wedding flower that looks magnificent when you can choose one that smells great as well.



A classic wedding blossom, hydrangea come in hues of green, pink, white… and blue! They make beautiful bouquets all on their own, but play nicely with other flowers, too.


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