Colors and the bridal bouquet 2

So, we remained speaking about the blue color and its symbols. There are some other words that need to be said in order to make general idea and see what exact color you would apply for when it comes to the wedding bouquet.

Blue flowers express a shy love and in other words they express the love of the two that are going to grow together. Anemones, myosotis or orchids can be some of the touches of color that you can apply for.

Purple is the color of purity and chastity, delicate and the profoundness of feelings. This color is also well known as the color that transmits humble feelings and shines.

Dahlias, freesias or orchids are the perfect flowers when it comes to bouquets and lilac pieces of decors. And speaking about lilac, you should avoid this flower because it’s said that they express bad luck.

Pink is a symbol of regeneration and it’s the color of gifts offered with love. In association with green it becomes a symbol like dew, which has the role of reviving nature. With white or blue it shows a timid love and in association with red it is a symbol of fulfillment.

The Vietnamese bride as well as the Indian one, besides the flowers in this color tone she also wears a pink shall.  In the Christian culture the pink color is a symbol of lovers and it’s widely used by those who are in love.

White is a symbol of simplicity, purity and innocence. It catches sense when it comes to marriage. White is indeed the symbol of pure romanticism. The white orchid favors the opening of the soul for a good communication, the white rose is a symbol of innocence, the camellia is like the embodiment of fidelity and how constant feelings are, and the iris is a symbol of tenderness and love that the groom has for the bride.

Green is the color that revives nature in every spring and offers the feeling of hope in people’s souls. It’s the reflection of renewing nature, faith and fertility. It’s the symbol of life, describing it as a message. It’s considered one of the most calming colors. For the Arabians, green is the color of paradise and well knowing things. Also, it’s told that those who prefer green are people that love secrets, being a mystique color in the same time. We can apply for every kind of flower as long as in their leaves we can fund a touch of green and this will offer the feeling of vitality in the same time.

All of these things tell us that there’s a true magic when it comes to colors and the atmosphere that these produce. Every color transmits signs and messages that can be discovered and read.