Purple Plum Bridal Bouquets

Picture-Perfect, Shades of Plum Bridal Bouquets

Deep hues of rich purples, these bouquets have a elegance and sophistication that more delicate shades can’t live up to. Perfect for the fall season, plum shades are rich, sensual and completely unique to the wedding world. Let’s take a peek, shall we?

Purple Plum Bridal BouquetsThis bouquet has an array of plum shades, feminine touches and interesting textures.

Purple Plum Bridal BouquetsWe love how this arrangement may be a bit petite but its full of vibrancy and life.

Purple Plum Bridal BouquetsThese lush plum flowers match so well within this green, touchable design.

Purple Plum Bridal BouquetsDon’t be afraid to brighten up your plums in the fall with a blood orange pairing.

Purple Plum Bridal BouquetsFor something spectacularly bold, try some rich and warm calla lilies to make a statement.

Purple Plum Bridal BouquetsOf course, you don’t have to have your deep purples the star of the show but instead accents to set off lighter tones.

Purple Plum Bridal BouquetsWe love this incredibly artistic and full design, filled with the right amount of layers and textures.

Purple Plum Bridal BouquetsThis design too has enough texture to create an artistic vision, bold memory and bridal-worthy picture-op.

Purple Plum Bridal BouquetsSmall bouquets can still hold large mount of style, especially with colored in such amazing plum shades.

Purple Plum Bridal BouquetsSofter purples work well too by create a dainty nature but still an elegant twist.

all photos via SMP