Custom Wedding Invitations. So What’s the Big Deal Anyway.

custom wedding invitations

What’s the big deal about custom wedding invitations?

Whether you’re having a grand gala in a luxurious ballroom or a small gathering at a nice restaurant, your invitations are the first glimpse your guests will see of your wedding, and they should set the tone of your celebration. With custom invitations you make all the decisions: fonts, colors, papers, layout, etc…all with the help of a professional designer.

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Don’t want flimsy card-stock meant for scrapbookers? Then choose a 100% cotton paper imported from France that will last your lifetime and many generations to come. Want a modern design, but just can’t find it in one of “the books”? Go with a custom design and get something that nobody else will ever have.

Isn’t it expensive to hire a designer just for wedding invitations?

The cost for custom wedding invitations is actually very comparable to the mass-market selections, and you’re able to get exactly what you want and usually a higher-quality product. Pricing can be based on your budget, and if you work with an experienced designer, they’ll know how to get you the most for your money. You’ll also have flexibility in the number of pieces you choose. With a custom design there’s no need to order in increments of 25, and therefore, you won’t have to pay for extra invitations you won’t use.

What are the typical enclosures needed for wedding invitations?

Because you’re customizing your design, you can also customize your entire ensemble. A typical ensemble consists of the ceremony invitation and the response card. You can also add:

  • Direction card
  • Hotel Information
  • Reception card
  • Place cards
  • Menu cards
  • Programs
  • Thank You notes
  • Anything…

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  1. Amanda Holmes

    Great article and I have to agree. Ive produced wedding stationery for over 14 years now and trend have changed. Wedding stationery is a huge part of the whole wedding process and choosing the perfect one for you is quite daunting, as there is so much choice these day. But a good designer will discuss with you and get a feel for what you like and your personality and work with that. It doesn’t have to bee expensive at all. So many people think that bespoke means pricey. Discuss your budget with your designer and work together to get what you want.

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