Live band wedding music

Choosing a live wedding band to satisfy most guests can be a difficult task. For example, if you choose a band that excels in folk music but lacking in terms of pop music, guests with younger age will be unhappy. Or conversely, a band specializing in pop music too much will leave unsatisfied the tastes of those who prefer to hear traditional music.

Very important is the experience of the band, especially the singers. The difference between a live band and a DJ is that a vocal-instrumental band creates much better what is called the “party atmosphere” even if their live sound interpretation differs from the recordings made in a studio. Remember that an experienced singer can offer guests exactly what they need, especially at the beginning of the party.

The singer (or vocalist) must feel what kind of music the guests want. Moreover, they must feel if a program that is played in that moment (light music and folklore) should be shortened or extended. But what is the most important quality that a wedding band should have? In this regard, there are views and opinions. Some believe that the singer must have good quality voice. Of course this is absolutely necessary, but is it enough? Clearly not. Others believe that, besides the qualities of a singer, is necessary to have a good sound of the music performed.

When you choose a wedding band, make sure first that the members of the band are singing at weddings for many years. The experience of singing at weddings can not be accumulated at any music school in a few years, but in decades of actually singing at weddings. If you find a band that sings, for example, for 20 years at weddings, you can be sure that they passed the first test. This is the most important test: experience in this field because many choose the band only after listening a video or audio demo without actually seeing the band in action.

So what is the most important quality that a wedding band should necessarily have?
Surely the band has to sound good, as many say. But that’s not enough! Vocal and instrumental members of a wedding band must have also that quality that can not be acquired only after many years of singing at weddings: they must know how to organize the music program throughout the wedding, so the guests will be completely satisfied. In other words, the musicians need to know exactly what and how to play in every moment of the wedding. This is a form of respect for you and the guests, to know that there is a “recipe” or a “formula” to apply to all weddings. Each event is unique celebration.