Wedding music

Music is the most important detail of a wedding, is the crucial detail that can make the event perfect. Music is perhaps the most important element that will make your guests go home with comments like “Oh! How much fun was this wedding”. If you want to make sure that your guests will dance and have fun all night, here you will find some ideas that will help you choose the wedding music.

Variety is the key to success. What will make your college or high school colleagues stand up, would not be identical with the favorite music of your work colleagues. Try to mix several genres in order to obtain a satisfactory result for both sides.

First, think carefully about the weddings where you have been. Remember the details that you liked and did not liked in terms of music, then discuss together witch are the musical genres that match your wedding. Even if you too would like a specific genre, you must also consider the preferences of your guests, and they must feel good. A wedding dance floor is always full at a successful wedding.

In this case the actual research begins. Gather as many recommendations from friends, from service providers in this field, search the Internet, in brochures and at wedding fairs. Now all the bands have a site where you can listen to their music, you can view videos from the weddings where the band has maintained the atmosphere and you can appreciate their talent. Find bands that have the ability to mold to your desires: only traditional music, only modern music or a combination of both.

After a long research, when you have decided on the band is recommended to listen them live, where possible. The contract is very important because it sets all the important details of the wedding day.

Here’s what should appear in the contract:
– Payment details: the amount paid in advance, the remaining amount to be paid, when you have to pay this amount and the currency in which payment is made.
– Details of organization: specify the exact time, location and number of hours of work, time schedule and the time when the band begins and finishes work.
– Other fees: here is inserted the cost for the hours of work over program.

– Breaks: it should be contain details about the length and density of the breaks, and what happens during breaks (generally bands offer the services of a DJ during breaks)
– Band members: in the contract must appear exactly the persons that will work, from the singer to the drummer.
– Cancellation clauses: although it may not happen, however it is good that such clauses exist, in case you cancel your wedding or the band can no longer operate.