Who Is The Best MC For Your Wedding: Friend, Family or DJ?

When I was younger, it was traditional for an elder family member like an Uncle or old friend of the family to be the MC (Master of Ceremonies or emcee) at weddings. As DJs became more popular, and slowly replaced bands as the norm, many DJs took on the role of MC (a person who makes announcements/introductions at a wedding to offer a more polished and professional touch to a wedding reception. This is now the norm as well. But is it better?


I personally enjoy being on the mike. I started my DJ career with college radio and even studied Communication- Radio, TV, and Film. I was Music Director and Program Director, and of course DJ at two radio stations. I like the mike! To me that is not a good enough reason to be the MC. I leave it up to the Bride and Groom to decide. It is your wedding!


When they ask me for advice on what would be best, someone they know or me, I will reply with questions about potential emcees within their friends and family. If they identify someone they both think would do a great job and ‘keep it in the family’ so to speak; I encourage them to approach this person and ask them. I have not yet heard of someone turning down the honor. If they are not able to identify someone, I am glad for the opportunity. Again, I like the mike!


There is nothing like an old friend or family member who can add some stories and experiences to the reception as MC. They get to make it real and personal. Yes, they do make a few mistakes along the way but who said weddings need to be like television shows scripted to perfection? Does love follow a script?


If you have not yet decided whether to ask your DJ to MC or a family member or friend, I encourage you to first reflect and see if there is a person who will relish and flourish with this honor. If not, a good, experienced DJ will do an excellent job. It may not be as personal, but it will be professional in most cases. DJs that are scared of microphones rarely agree to MC. Those who accept typically do a great job and keep things moving along smoothly.


Regardless of whom you choose to be your MC, it is essential they have clear direction of what you want to happen, the order and most importantly, the correct pronunciation of all the names of the wedding party. A little mistake like a mispronounced name can dampen the mood and create some hurt feelings. Communication with your DJ is always to your advantage. Your DJ can also coach your friend or family member through their jitters and prepare them for the honor of MCing your wedding.

Who will be your wedding MC and why?