Real Wedding: Hannah + Cory’s Gorgeous Country Club Wedding


Hannah and Cory’s wedding was the first of many to come. You see, Hannah was the oldest of 6 sisters, and was going to be that one that set the bar for all her younger sisters to come. Set in the Upstate of South Carolina, Hannah and Cory held their wedding ceremony at the church they grew up in, Seneca Baptist Church. After an emotional ceremony, everyone gathered at Keowee Key Country Club.

Set on top of a of a hill overlooking the gorgeous hills of the famous golf course, Hannah and Cory danced the night away with their friends and family surrounding. Hannah mentioned that, “The day was all a blur, and we are so grateful to have stunning images of some of the most important moments of our life!”

With the wedding photos gallery taken and put together by J Jones Wedding Photography and the gorgeous backdrops of Keowee Key Country Club, there’s plenty to pore through. This wedding looks like a special occasion and a ton of fun were had by all. To see the full photo shoot from Hannah + Cory’s Wedding, check it out here.

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