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Bridal Boudoir Photos | Boudoir Photos, The Ultimate Bridal Present

Boudoir Photos

Need ideas for a romantic wedding gift for your groom? Thinking about showing off your wild side? More and more brides are taking part in “For His Eyes Only” sessions and a Boudoir photo album is quickly becoming the number one gift brides give their groom on their big day.   What groom could turn away from a little black book filled with amazing photos of the woman he is about to marry?

Turns out it is also an amazing present for the bride herself.  Woman love to feel beautiful and after doing these sessions for almost two years I can tell you that it is a very empowering experience.  I often get emails from my clients after saying how not only did the groom love the photos but she loved the whole experience of being a super model for the day.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Boudoir Experience:

What is Boudoir Photography? “Boudoir” actually means bedroom in French and has been around for hundreds maybe even thousands of years.  All throughout history there has been tasteful (most of the time) versions of woman undressed.  Artists used to be commissioned to paint the female form and usually it was reserved for only the very wealthy.   Nowadays it can be anything from a woman putting her makeup on at a vanity to lying on the bed in her skivvies.   One of my favorite things about this style of photography is how open it is to interpretation.  It is now being called many different names like Pin up, For His Eyes Only and Glam sessions.  Whatever the name might be these sessions are meant to create romantic and exciting photos for you and your partner.

What can you expect from a Boudoir Session? These sessions are normally about 2 hours long with an hour being for hair & makeup and an hour for the actual photo session.  Usually taking place in a private studio or a chic hotel suite and in our case photographed by an all female photography staff.  We offer champagne, wine and goodies as well.

How to pick the right Boudoir Photographer? This is in my opinion the most important question!! Just as in wedding photography I think the first thing to look for is that you mesh well with the photographer.  It is very important that you do a lot of research.  Ask to see a sample book or a sample album of a whole shoot and make sure to pick someone with a good reputation in the industry given the nature of the photos.


What should I bring? The most important thing to bring is clothes that make you feel good.  Bring at least 4 outfits and so you can mix and match them bring something white, black and something in a nice color. In addition to clothes don’t forget shoes (High HEELS), jewelry, and that RING!  Also if you would like fake eye lashes you should provide those with the necessary adhesive. Usually there are several props and outfits that the photographer will provide as well. In our case we have about 20 different outfits, profits and shoes that we bring to every session. I also recommend you where loose fitting close the day of so you don’t have red marks on your skin.

When should I do this session? I recommend about 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding date or special event.  That is enough time for your photographer to edit your photos and you to choose just the right ones for your little black book or 8×10’s.

Are these sessions only for brides to be? No.  They make a great gift for special occasions of any kind.   Other than brides my most popular sessions are usually for Valentine’s Day and Anniversary presents.


I am worried someone else will see my photos!
It is unethical for a photographer to use your photos without permission. Another reason to use someone with a good reputation is to make sure the photos are handled properly and with discretion.  It is up to you if you give permission for your photographer to use your photographs on their website or blog, and they need written permission to do so.

What is the cost? These can take place in a marathon session where several women are scheduled on the same day and this is usually the least expensive way between $350 and $500.  Individual sessions are usually more expensive between $500-$800 in my area of Florida.


I don’t have a sexy look. In my opinion sexy means a lot of different things and it is the photographer’s job to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable.  Don’t worry so much about being sexy just concentrate on having fun and I promise the rest will come.

I hope this information will encourage all brides to explore their romantic, wild side by asking their wedding photographer to shoot a boudoir photo session before the wedding!