Photo of newlyweds next to river

16 Incredible Wedding Photos (& How to Recreate Them)

Scrolling through Pinterest or perusing through the blogosphere will have a bride-to-be easily overloaded with the infinite options that exist out there in the wedding world. But using real weddings as inspiration shouldn’t ever bring anxiety or envy. Instead, it should just bring you endless amounts of ideas to plump up your own big day with originality and creativity!

Today we’re focusing on wedding photography. We should always have a list of must-have shots to bring to the photographer, but what about some outside-the-box snaps to add to your collection of memories?

We’ve collected 16 incredible wedding photos and we’re letting you in on some tips on how to recreate them. Bookmark the ones that strike your fancy!

16 Incredible Wedding Photos


diptych wedding photo

“Diptych” is the split of two photos; that may be closed like a book and still make complete sense. We love photographers that create moments such as these. They aren’t posed or altered in any way. Instead, they take a memory and make it come alive on the pages of our wedding day books – and we’re in love!

At the Movies

movie theatre wedding


Grab some popcorn and start recreating some of these nostalgia-inducing shots. If the venue or theme calls for it, these are the bouts of inspiration that could really amp up your wedding day photos. Utilize the old-age signs or red seats to make some stunning memories.

Find the Cliffs

mountain cliff wedding photo


Maybe there’s a beautiful shot like this you can capture nearby or you’ve decided to take some “after the wedding” photos in your full wedding day gear, whatever the case, find somewhere epic to get romantic. The cliff may not even be the highest, but with the right photographer, the snap may be the most whimsical of all.

Check Out Your Reflections

reflection wedding photo


A body of water (or even a puddle) is all you need to make this happen. It’s a really romantic way to capture the bride and groom at sundown, but it’s also a fun way to show off the bridal party on the pier as well. Still waters make this an easy, nontraditional portrait to cherish.

Abbey Road

abbey road wedding photo


For those Beatles fans out there, why not recreate one of the most famous photos (and album covers) of all time alongside your bridal party? Essentially, you can make this happen on any street nearby – preferably a city street. You just need those crosswalk lines to really make it come alive.

Shadows Too

shadow wedding photos


Like reflections, shadows can be quite romantic to capture on film. Think about grabbing some of the bride or groom in a solo session – or as the couple takes a moment or two alone. This could be a really amazing chance to grab a portrait that the family cherishes for a lifetime. And it’s all about getting the lighting just right, so planning ahead is key.

The Details

wedding detail photos


The wedding day really does come down to the details, so make sure you speak with your photographer ahead of time so they know what you want them to focus on. Knowing how to capture these bits and pieces of the big day will help you remember all the finite plans that you spent hours, days, months, preparing for. And this conversation will help your photographer prep their own list and any necessities they may want or need on the day of.

Embrace the Wind

windy wedding photo


This one you can’t necessarily prep for, but if the wind comes to call you can have this idea in the back of your mind. Embrace it! Use it to your advantage to enhance your veil, your skirt, or any other details that could shine with a little gust. It can be quite romantic, we promise.

Cotton Candy

cotton candy wedding photo


It’s one of the trendiest of trends around in the wedding world right now. It adds pop of color and a whole lot of fun. Snag some of this spun sugar to make some super fun snapshots before or after the walk down the aisle happens. Having a bite or two won’t hurt either.

Bird’s Eye View

bird's eye view wedding photo

Think about switching up perspectives. Bird’s eye view photos can bring a new element of surprise and drama to traditional photos of the ceremony or reception. This is another idea to talk about with your photographer so they’re prepared for what you’d like to happen. Even if it’s their assistant going up to grab the snaps!

Special Effects

special effects wedding photos


We’ve seen some of these hilarious shots floating around the Internet and we find them to be one of the best ways to lighten the mood and bring your unique personality and couple style to the wedding book. Brainstorm some ideas ahead of time so you can pose for the camera – and you or your photographer can add in the effects after the vows are exchanged.


wedding photo in a tree


Take full advantage of your outdoor location. Climb the trees. Dip into the ocean. Check out the waterfalls. These make for some of the best wedding photo-ops. Take a walk-through of the venue with your photographer and brainstorm some ideas that you’d like to try.

Snow or Rain?

snow wedding day photo


You cannot plan for this but you can definitely be prepared. Talk to your photographer about your options for snow or rain on your wedding day. Bring umbrellas or think about poses to take advantage of the snow. They’ll be some of the most fun of the batch.

Floral Walls

floral wall wedding photo


Recreate this floral wall by snagging help from your florist or even DIY one yourself. Once it’s finished, you’ll have a wonderful photo-op space for you, the gals, and the rest of your guests. And it’ll really amp up the ceremony or reception space too.

Trash the Dress

trash the dress wedding photo

This may not be as trendy as it once was, but we’re hoping it makes a comeback because the photo opportunities are so beautiful. This is just another way to squeeze in some of your unique personality and there are so many ways to “trash” during the session. With water. With paint. With dirt. The possibilities are endless.

Negative Space (with friends)

use negative space with wedding photography


Don’t shy away from using large, open areas and utilizing the interesting texture of those spaces. Just take a look at this piece! The brick adds so much artistic presence and life to the photo – and the couple was able to include a bit of their own personality and pizazz as well. Besides, the groom (and their stormtroopers) really POP!