Free Ideas To Use For an Awesome Engagement Photography Session

An engagement photo session celebrates a couple’s relationship. But many couples fall back on the ho-hum generic shots for their shoot: the cheesy smiles, stiff poses, and generic blue backdrop. Boring, right? Engagement photo sessions should showcase what makes a couple beautiful. Take advantage of this opportunity and come up with a creative way to highlight your relationship.

Instead of dropping by a photographer’s studio, invite her to a location that reflects you and your fiancé. Think outside the box with your setting. Do you have a pastime you both love? Turn it into a photo shoot!

If you’re both movie buffs, shoot your pictures in an old movie theater. Get shots of you tossing popcorn at each other or cozying up in front of the screen. Are you both bookworms? Why not have an engagement shoot at the library, sneaking kisses between the shelves?

Kids at heart should have their pictures taken on a playground or at a carnival. If you’re huge fans of a sport, get shots of you both in action. Bowling, golfing, skiing—whatever activity you’re into will make for authentic, memorable photos.

The location of your engagement shoot could also be a meaningful place for you and your future hubby. Maybe it’s where you first met, the place where you had your first date, or the spot where you shared your first kiss.

Another ideal setting is your own home. The house you share with your fiancé is the backdrop of your life together. Have your photographer capture pictures of you two lounging on the couch, cooking dinner together, sitting on your porch, or cuddling in bed. Most importantly, make it genuine. If you’re a hot and steamy couple, show it! If you always make each other laugh, let the photographer capture that on film.

No matter where your pictures are taken, make sure your engagement photo session reflects you.

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  1. Miami Wedding Photographer

    Couldn’t have been said better. A lot of times couples focus on a really “unique” spot to have their engagement photos, which is great, but in the end, as long as you have a great photographer, regardless of where you are, even you’re own backyard, they should be able to capture some amazing images! Scenery is great and is a great feature, but not most important – the couple is!

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