Top 4 Tips for Amazing Getting Ready Wedding Pictures

wedding picture

Some of my favorite photos of the wedding day come early in the getting ready pictures.  It is when we get pretty pictures of the dress hanging up and all the little details from wedding jewelry to the bouquets while they are still fresh.  Here are some tips for helping your photographer get amazing pre wedding photos.

1) Keep your room clean. If the room you are getting ready in looks like a bomb went off in it then your getting ready pictures will not be amazing. Extra clutter causes too much distraction in the photos. I recommend if you’re getting ready in a hotel have your bridesmaids get ready in the room next door so your room will be clutter free.  If you are getting ready at home, or at your parents home, I recommend keeping one room just for the bride.  Again, it will help keep the room tidy and your photos flawless.

2) Schedule time for getting ready pictures. Too often it is a mad dash to finish hair and makeup and get into the dress to run down the aisle.  Making sure getting ready pictures time is on your wedding day timeline will insure those yummy dress hanging pictures we all love.


3) Be Prepared. Have your important accessories such as shoes, wedding jewelry and anything important for your wedding day together and ready for your photographer.  Have your dress steamed and hung on a fancy hanger too.

4) Hire a second photographer. Most professional wedding photographers have a second shooter and having them there from the beginning will insure you get both the bride and groom getting ready.  Granted, the guys don’t usually have as many accessories and take way less time to get ready but those few minutes are usually rich with fun moments that need to be captured.

Do you have any wedding photography tips or questions for me, a professional photogrpaher? Comment and let’s chat.