Engagement Photos 101: What to Wear


ENGAGEMENT photos 101


This is the happiest time in your life. Congratulations! We’re sure you are feeling the emotions and pressure of impending decisions. Have you set a date? Big/small? Where will it take place? When are you going dress shopping? And so on.

One of the first things you’ll do as a newly-engaged couple is an engagement photo session. Relax! This should be a fun day to experience with your new fiancé. After choosing a place and a photographer, perhaps the most important detail to coordinate is your attire. We’ve boiled it down into five tips that should make deciding on your duds as painless as possible.

Engagement Photo Attire Tips:

1) When selecting your clothing options, repeat after us: “Be yourself. Be natural. Be relaxed.” If you choose outfits that are out of your element, restricting or uncomfortable, it will show in pictures. This isn’t the time to pull out leather pants and leopard if your go-to style is a blouse and jeans.

2) Consider the weather and season. It is utterly charming to play into the season for your photo fashion — think of a flirty floral dress in the spring or a luscious coat and cable-knit scarf in the fall. The colors and cues of nature will support your look, whether you’re stomping in crisp leaves in a pair of chestnut boots or frolicking through the deep green forest in a flannel.

3) Be aware of your body type. You know yourself better than any photographer, designer, etc. — you know what looks awesome on you, what styles suit you, and you know your biggest insecurities. Be conscious of that when deciding what to wear. Choose clothes that you feel beautiful/handsome in.

4) Location, location, location. This goes hand-in-hand with tip #2. Look to your location for fashion inspiration and guidance. If you’re in love with the old red bench where he proposed and want to snap some shots there, choose a color that will complement that bright red hue. A pastel shade of green is probably not your best bet. If you’re at the beach, heels are probably not appropriate; barefoot would be better. You get the picture.

5) It takes two to tango. These are not solo glamour shots. Make sure your attire coordinates with your partner by choosing complementing patterns, colors and materials. Stay within the same color scheme and avoid clashing patterns and overly-busy designs. In a word — keep it simple. 

6) Have fun!