The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Videographer?

Your wedding is, hopefully, a one of a kind experience. There won’t be a day like that in the future and there never was something similar in the past. Alas even the brightest of holidays are often forgotten: If not in general, then by missing several important details.

My first wedding dance, for once, was special enough for me to remember every detail. The song, her dress, even the sweet sound of her breath on my shoulder – I had it all inside my head. Or at least I thought I did.

It’s not that I was hit by a truck and suffered severe imageries. I don’t suffer from amnesia. I just remember things differently and so do you. Our mind tends to erase some moments and replace the others to make happy memories happier. Our Indian wedding video, on the other hand, shows a slightly different story.

The power of motion

My wife and I were recently re-watching our wedding video and the dance was nowhere near as perfect as I remember it. We were too shy to perform the moves we practiced for weeks. Stage fright brought some of the most awkward smiles on our faces. I even tripped not once, not twice but three times!

And you know what? The dance was better that way than the one I remembered. Sure it wasn’t as polished but, in reality, we were more sincere. It was cuter. Much cuter!

It’s the motion of the film and changed expressions of emotion on our lucky faces what made the dance unforgettable. Until today I am grateful for my wife’s decision to hire a high-class videographer.

Not everyone is as lucky!

Most of our friends are not satisfied with videos from their weddings. Their shots are blank and soulless. Our friends simply never had the effort for research on the matter. They simply hired the first best guy they met and, unfortunately, the mistake was a fatal blow to their wedding memory collection.

I learned from their mistakes and now, that it is finally time for my daughter to get married, I know how to tell the difference between a good and a bad videographer.

  • The price is irrelevant. Sure enough you won’t get quality with someone really cheap, but there are also overpriced amateur videographer wannabes out there. Check the portfolio first, the price tag later.
  • Only go for the videographers who offer a contract. This way all loose ends are safe and sound, otherwise you are simply giving money to a random person you just meat on the street.
  • Experience comes over equipment. If a person had enough passion to do his job for years he or she is probably good at it.
  • Pick from recommendations first and website offers later. Check for reviews or social media accounts of your videographer and determine whether his previous clients were left satisfied.