5 Stylish Ideas for Displaying Your Wedding Photos

The aisle has been walked, and the knot has been tied. You had a lovely ceremony that you hope to remember for a lifetime, and you hired that wonderful photographer to memorialize and preserve the special day forever. Unfortunately, now you have no idea exactly what to do with those wonderfully preserved memories.

Even after shelling out thousands for the very best photographer in town, most people don’t do much with wedding photographs after the wedding. They pay for the digital images, post a few on social media and send some to Mom and Pop, but the rest end up stuck on a USB drive that will be lost in a desk drawer for the rest of eternity.

Since so much time, effort and money were put into photographing every beautiful detail of your wedding day, it would be a shame if those pictures never saw the light of day. Luckily, there are tons of creative and stylish ways that you can display those pictures in your home to remind yourself and your family of the day when you first became a family.

1. Wall Gallery

For an interesting but tasteful way to display multiple photographs, there is no reason to get too crazy. A nicely arranged gallery of a few of the best images can subtly and beautifully tell the story of your wedding day.

Black and white photos will often look great with simple black frames and a white mat, arranged side by side at eye level. Matching antique frames always provide a great look for wedding photos as well.

While the frames do not have to match exactly, they should at least resemble each other and have something that clearly links them. The key to a good wall gallery is not the frames themselves, but the arrangement and the harmony between the photos.

2. Acrylic Photo Block

One of the most stylish and modern display methods for wedding photographs is the photo block. These frameless displays allow your photographs to stand on their own and give the impression of a 3D image.

This gives your wedding photos a display method that stands out slightly but keeps the focus on the photo itself. While there are multiple options available, acrylic photo blocks provide a high definition vibrancy, unlike any other presentation.

3. Photobook

Photobooks could have been made just for weddings, as there is no other occasion or event for which they are more perfect. Many wedding photographers offer photobooks as an option, or you can create your own custom book online. These books provide a unique way to tell the story of your wedding day through the most special images of the day.

4. Wood Mounting

For a look that is trendy, rustic and modern all at the same time, you can have your wedding photos translated into wooden form. Hang wood-mounted photos on the wall in a gallery style, or your pictures can stand alone with wooden shadow boxes. You can even get more creative and put an image of the bride on a wooden flower vase.

5. Coffee Table Display

One of the most creative techniques for displaying wedding photos is with a glass coffee table display. You can arrange several of your favorite prints inside the display along with a flower from the bouquet, a wedding invitation, the ring bearer pillow or any other memorabilia from the big day.