Why Wedding Photography Really Is For Everyone

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At weddings and family events, you will surely see a number of guests with cameras all trying to capture some special wedding memories.  Indeed, some of these guest photographers may also be budding professionals trying to get in some practice.  And actually, it’s not only at weddings… there are so many people with cameras. In all walks of life, you see people holding all sorts of cameras capturing their own special moments or moments in others lives.

I had been asked at some recent weddings, where I was the professional photographer, why I don’t get annoyed with all these people with cameras wanting to get a piece of the action.  My response – I have no problem at all with other people taking photos.  I actually quite like having them around and, where I can, I also give them a few professional photography tips to get the best shot.  Most of these people are family members or friends of the couple, and so what’s wrong with them taking a few pictures to keep as memories of a happy, colorful event.  Interestingly, I even get some great shots of the people with cameras doing their thing – it tells a real story and documents the activities of the guests.

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Even if some of those taking shots are practising with a view to becoming professional photographers – I still see no real harm.  We all had to start somewhere, and there really is room for us all.

If you hire a true professional, he/she will work around your guests taking photos. If on the odd occasion someone was in the way,the photographer should be able to handle that in a sensitive way without causing upset.

Photography really is for everyone!

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  1. Marvin Hall

    I agree with your comments for the most part. The only challange to the professional is working with all the camera and the time constraints set by the B&G to get photos. Sometimes these well meaning people can slow down the process getting the photos that the B&G have requested. I usually handle this by asking them to wait until we are done getting our shots or wait until the reception.

    But you are right, there is room for everyone.


  2. Chantel Laneice Photography

    I agree with the posting. Some brides think, “Why pay for a photographer when there are so many digital cameras on the market?” When you hire a photographer, it’s more than a great picture which you may think a close family member can capture. Professional photographers produce high resolution photos. Some photographers will give you the option of having a Data DVD disc of your photos where you can print at your leisure, but the images won’t come out to the quality that you are hoping if the photos are not taken with a quality camera.

  3. Photo master

    Make sense, great tips and really informative! Thanks for sharing.

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