How to Select a Wedding Photographer

wedding photo tips

wedding photo tips

Capturing your wedding day with perfect timing and professionalism is paramount in remembering every aspect of your big day. You want to look back on the photos with joy and hiring the right photographer is important. Rachel Bobbitt, a photographer and graphic artist gives some insight on selecting a qualified photographer for your wedding.

Experience counts in the field of wedding photography. To find the best photographer for you, ask for referrals, references, portfolio, and years of experience the photographer has under her belt. Look for a wedding photographer and not just a family portrait photographer. Weddings move at a fast pace and you want a professional that knows where to be and when to be there. Also, some wedding venues will not allow flash photography. Make sure your photographer of choice knows how to correctly shoot manually in low light situations.

Many brides speculate whether they will need one or more photographers for the wedding. The majority of the time one wedding photographer can capture all the moments you want. One instance where you would need a second photographer is to snap a shot of the groom when he sees you walking down the aisle and when you enter. A photographer would be needed for the bride and one for the groom in this scenario. If you have a large wedding party and hundreds of guests, then consider hiring two photographers. Have a list of photographs that you want taken before, during, and after the wedding available for your photographer two weeks before the wedding.

The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is mostly true when speaking of photographers.  Price is associated with experience and not with the quality of the photographs. Many new comers to the field will charge more to seem legitimate.  Have the photographer take your engagement or bridal portraits before you sign a contract for the wedding.  This will allow you to sample his work and editing skills. Engagement and bridal portraits can be retaken, but wedding photos cannot.

In today’s digital world a photographer is required to know how to edit, as well as take excellent photographs. Ask if the fees include editing and how many photos can be edited upon request. Many photographers offer this service as a part of the package deal. Negotiate with your photographer if this is not the case.

Wedding photography is an art, and it should be handled by a professional that you trust with the memories of your big day.  Do your research and be selective about who you choose, and your wedding album will be a treasure for years to come.

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