Top Questions You NEED to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

ask your wedding photographer

No matter how good of a memory you think you have, we can promise you that the big day will be a big blur. Thankfully, you’ve got reinforcements — photography and videography — to help you relive the special moments for the rest of your lives.

Hiring a photographer is the first crucial step. And hurry! They book up fast. Where to begin? Word of mouth. Recommendations from friends and other contacts are the best insurance on the market, in addition to a good look at his/her portfolio to make sure the style matches what you’ve envisioned.

Once you hire a photographer, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty. What’s included in the package? How does he/she like to work? How will the pictures be delivered? Don’t panic. We’ve gathered the must-ask, do-not-forget questions to ask your photog to get everyone on the same page for your wedding day — just print it out and bring it along to your consultation.