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photojournalistic wedding photography


Reportage, fly-on-the-wall & photojournalistic wedding photography are all ‘styles’ of photography that seem to pop up all the time from all types of wedding photographers. Journalistic wedding photography is definitely a style that is popular at the moment, but one thing I particularly notice is that the style is about as popular with clients as it is with photographers.

reportage wedding photography


So what is photojournalistic wedding photography? Well if we think of photojournalism, most of us think of newspapers and current affairs, which could lead us to thinking about war photography, political protests and the things we usually see in newspapers. This is a bit far away from wedding photography! But what these things have in common in terms of style, is that they capture the action as it happens! The camera stands to attention and snaps the ‘moment’ when it happens. Since photojournalism is very fast paced, the wedding photographer should never stop working, shooting, looking, thinking and considering what will happen next.

photojournalistic wedding photographer


Photojournalistic wedding photography should be candid and informal, allowing the wedding to just flow naturally and the photographer to capture individuals in a relaxed manner, unaware of the camera. The reportage style will possibly have more than one thing happening in the picture, like in my example, which is where we draw more similarities from photojournalism. Photojournalistic photography should tell the story of the wedding, from beginning to end, capturing not just the ceremony and the cake cutting, but the look from one lover to another, the momentary laughter of a new born baby or the roaring laughter of the room through the speeches.

 journalistic wedding photography


There are a few too many photographers who seem almost stuck in their ways; they offer a ‘photojournalistic’ style only and one book/album…great if that’s what the bride and groom want. But what about those couples who just don’t know what they want? If that sounds like you then shop around! There are loads of photographers and photography styles to choose from so make appointment to interview several and ask about their offerings.  Perhaps you’ll find one that you particularly like, and you’ll leave the style to the pro.

 documentary wedding photography


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  1. Chef Marney White

    Big hams aside, most people freeze (or at least stiffen) if you pose them in front of a camera. Most brides, grooms and wedding parties aren’t comprised of models who are at ease when taking posed photos. The photojournalistic approach to wedding photography is therefore a more non-threatening approach to memorializing the wedding day, and yields a more authentic result all around. With a really talented photographer, there can also be a delightfully artsy twist to the style as well.

  2. Philip Bedford Wedding Photography

    I agree, in fact most of the time when photographing, if someone notices me photographing them then I give up on the ‘shot’ and try again later when I can catch them unaware again!

  3. Chef Marney White

    Exactly. No one wants shots of themselves and others looking stiff and unhappy. LOL Most people are not uninhibited and/or confident enough to feel comfortable being shot. And thank heaven that people are moving away from stiff, posed wedding photography – it’s murder on those large group shots were you’re trying to get all eyes toward the camera, AND all off those eyes open, no one making a weird face, etc. That’s really challenging to capture. The more subjects in the shot, the harder it is.

    Photojournalistic style works better for everyone involved.

  4. Top Wedding Sites

    There are still those who like the posed photography though. So, perhaps a mixture of candid and photojournalistic with some posed shots would work for everyone.

  5. Matt, PA

    The best pictures we have from the wedding are the ones where we don’t remember the photographer taking. And oddly enough, although obviously not the best quality, the picture we have on our fridge at home is from my coworker who used an instant develop Polaroid camera. It’s the picture we happen to look best in, and it’s probably because we had no clue what was going on.
    Photojournalistic style wedding photography
    Because we used a photographer who specialized in photo-journalism, we have awesome candid shots of the many different memorable events throughout the day, in addition to your standard shots, and really creative arranged shots. Definitely the way to go IMO.

  6. Philip Bedford Wedding Photography

    Sometimes the best images can be taken on the disposable camera, polaroid or on a rubbish mobile phone. Sometimes its not an aesthetic question at all, just a great picture of a loved one doing something hilarious or just looking rather wonderful!

    I agree that some people like posed shots, I do both, doing candid in the day and then posed in the evening. This way I make sure I have a photograph of everyone who has attended the wedding as all the evening guests arrive. Plus by this time everyone is quite relaxed so posed shots feel a lot more natural anyway.

    Thanks for all the great comments so far!

  7. Aspen Wedding Photographer

    I do both photojournalistic and posed images for the weddings I photograph. Some photographers who just call themselves photojournalistic style photographers do so because they don’t know how to pose or relax people in front of the camera, or use lighting equipment. A good photographer should be able to do both types.

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