Trash the Dress Photo Sessions. Is the Dress Destroyed?

trash the dress

Trash the dress used to be considered Taboo (“for the love of all that is holy” don’t get your wedding dress dirty) but more and more brides are subscribing to this awesome new trend.

Trash the dress sessions do not always mean your dress is actually trashed, they can simply be a bride in an unusual place like horse back riding or they can be extreme like jumping into a lake or setting the dress on fire (Yes I have done that).

There are so many time restrictions on the wedding day that having an extra photo session in your wedding dress is the draw in my opinion to these trash the dress/day after sessions.  Brides are starting to realize that this will probably be the last time that they wear the dress and the chances that their daughter will wear the same dress 25 years from now is very slim.

I like to build the session around a theme that fits the bride’s personality and add as many wedding elements, such as bouquets, as possible.

SO… come on, you know you want to. Before you suffocate that dress in plastic to sit in your closet for 50 years TRASH IT then have it dry cleaned, preserved and suffocate away!

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