5 Ways to Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Party Guests

Whether you’re holding a function to commemorate an important milestone, or you’re just throwing a party for the fun of it, it’s important that you keep your guests in mind when planning. No one wants to be at a party that’s too cold, or where the food runs out, or where there isn’t an adequate supply of alcohol. Avoid these key mistakes by adhering to our 5 ways to leave a lasting impression on your beloved party guests.

1. Hiring a marquee
A marquee gives an air of class and luxury to any party. It holds the benefits of being outside, but also being shielded from the elements. Marquee, more like major key! Marquees are available in many different sizes, to suit any size guestlist or any theme of event. Research your marquee hire options in Melbourne to ensure you’re selecting the perfect marquee for your party.

2. A good DJ
A good DJ is essential to creating the atmosphere of your party. Keep the vibes of your guests consistently high throughout the evening by hiring an experienced and versatile DJ, who will be equipped to handle any situation and any musical requests. As well as this, it’s crucial that you have an adequate sound system that will be able to project throughout your entire venue of choice – so no guest is left without music!

3. Heaters/fans
If you’re planning to hold your party at night, you might want to consider some strategically placed heaters so your guests don’t catch a chill. If you’re holding a party during the summer months, maybe some oscillating fans would be more suitable. Check the weather forecast for your party ahead of time, so you can effectively prepare for any type of extreme weather you may encounter. If it’s going to be severely cold, it’s also a good idea to have a coat room for your guests’ convenience.

4. Enough food and beverages
Generally, most parties are going to be serving alcohol. If this is the case at your next event, make sure there is more than enough food and non-alcoholic beverages available so non-drinking patrons can have options, and so that the other guests can remain well hydrated and satisfactorily satiated. Incorporating a cordoned off bar area where drinks are readily available is a good option.

5. A photographer
A sure fire way to extend the life of your event is to hire a photographer. This way, guests can have a lasting memory of their fun-filled night, having a tangible sentiment from the evening for years to come. This also adds an extra bit of excitement to the night, as a photographer circulates and captures great moments, injecting electricity into the atmosphere.

So there you have it, it’s as simple as these 5 easy steps! Hiring a marquee and equipping the space with heaters or fans depending on the weather, will go a long way to increasing your guests’ happiness on the night of your party. As well as this, employing a decent DJ and photographer, and supplying enough food and drink will mean you’re already well on your way to throwing a memorable – unforgettable – party. Keep these 5 tips close to your chest next time you’re planning an event. Your guests will thank you for it!