photo credit: Appelez moi thibal via photopin cc

Wedding Day Disaster Tips To Remember Just In Case

photo credit: Appelez moi thibal via photopin cc
photo credit: Appelez moi thibal via photopin cc

What’s not to love about one of the biggest (and hopefully one of the best) days of a woman’s life – except possibly the nightmare situations that can effect a bride by just a simple thing going disastrously wrong ? At Boutique To You we love ANYTHING and EVERYTHING about weddings and, so, recently we conducted a survey amongst our loyal customers and Facebook fans and asked them for their tips to ensure the bride’s big day goes without a hitch. The results were really across the board and with many suggesting the same top tips over again.  So it would seem that all brides have the same worries and stresses about things going potentially wrong. No worries – we’ve got your back.

Top Wedding Day Disaster Tips

As the bride is usually pre-occupied with everyone but herself on her big day, her bridesmaids could put together a wedding day emergency kit for when the inevitable happens. As well as the usual make-up needed to keep the bride looking her best all day (and night), our followers and fans suggested that; eyelash glue, shine-free blotting paper sheets, nail glue/nail polish and tissues (for when that waterproof mascara no longer becomes waterproof – the panda look is not a good look for any bride) were ‘life savers’ amongst the make-up variety!

Other wedding day disaster items that made the list of essentials:

  • Paracetamol to ease that tension headache
  • Gel foot inserts (Party Feet) and plasters to comfort those poor feet
  • Tampons, for when Mother Nature decides to pay an unexpected visit to the bride-to-be!
  • Body spray and a dab of perfume all help to keep the bride fresh throughout the day and lots of
  • Hair spray and bobby pins will keep the ‘up-do’ up.
  • Breath fresheners – for kissing with confidence.


One of our team even recounted her own  personal wedding day disaster experience when a humble safety pin saved the day…and possibly her marriage! Her husband of a few hours stood on her train which then came away from the wedding dress, putting on view her entire wedding lingerie from the waist down for all the guests to see! Thankfully a safety pin appeared from her chief bridesmaid’s handbag to spare her  blushes!

As we can always rely on the good old British weather to spoil any occasion, an umbrella is an absolute must for when the heavens decide to open at just the wrong moment. Someone somewhere could make a fortune out of a new range of wedding footwear especially for wet weather – wedding wellies… of course with killer heels (or a wonderful wedge!).

Have any of you had a wedding day disaster, or a tip that helped save the day,  you want to share? By all means, please comment and chat us up!