Valentine's Day Wedding Receptions

Valentine’s Day Reception Decor & Table Ideas

An entire day devoted to the one you love and you get to say, “I do,” on the very date! February 14th is the perfect day to walk down the aisle, make it look like it too. Take a peek at all of these wonderful reception decor and table ideas that fit in with a Valentine’s Day theme – without being overly kitschy or predictable.

Valentine's Day Wedding ReceptionsA creamy blush foundation finished off with cranberry hues and warmer pinks, it’s the perfect February tablescape.

Valentine's Day Wedding ReceptionsFor a sexier and more evening style, add a bit of plum into the mix to make your pinks pop.

Valentine's Day Wedding ReceptionsMix the formality of a classic, cherry red with the traditional, rustic nature of the outdoors.

Valentine's Day Wedding ReceptionsIf you’re looking into an evening wedding full of great music and delicious food, start with a classic black and white foundation and finish with a Valentine’s Day red.

Valentine's Day Wedding ReceptionsCreams, blushes and metallic golds can easily set the scene for your holiday wedding, especially with its fun and youthful vibe.

Valentine's Day Wedding ReceptionsYou can always stay within the confines of the holiday without going for the obvious, like with this deep fuchsia choice.

Valentine's Day Wedding ReceptionsIf you’re looking for something more rustic, start with the basics of organic textures and greens. Then add your Valentine flavor in between.

Valentine's Day Wedding ReceptionsWe love this charming little floral arrangement for the tables. And the entire, laid-back design is great for an afternoon affair or brunch reception.

Valentine's Day Wedding ReceptionsSet in white and complimented by a sherbet shade of pink, this delicate design is gorgeous and eye-popping.

Valentine's Day Wedding ReceptionsYou could also go with a more peachy and coral vibe without straying away from the festivity of the day!


all photos via SMP