Breakfast Wedding Food Theme

5 Delicious & Artistic Foodie Themes for the Wedding


Food. It’s debatably one of the most important elements to the wedding, and also one of the most expensive. And as the wedding world continues to balloon, so do the expectations. It’s not enough to have just a meat and potato option. Instead, you have to infuse your couple style and personality into the plating, the service and the menu. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick list of “foodie” themes that will not only excite the taste buds of all of your guests but excite the night with style and trending vibes.

Wedding Food Theme Ideas

1. The Minis:

Mini Food Wedding Theme

Whether you’re passing out a smorgasbord of miniature fast food items with a twist, think small crab cake sliders, spicy sweet potato french fry shots, or a bite-size pork shank on a dollop of mashed potatoes, the minis are in. They’re fun, you can have more flavors than with a traditional sit-down dinner and your guests won’t go hungry and they won’t be bored either.

2. Rustic.

Rustic Southern Wedding Food Theme

What’s a rustic, “shabby chic” wedding, one of the most popular of decor choices, without a rustic-themed food spread? Apple pie favors, made-from-scratch biscuits and even some fried chicken, all served family-style, could be your ticket to the most delicious and satisfying of wedding feasts.

3. “Make it Yours” Bar.

Make Your Own Food Bar Wedding Theme

Everyone is loving the creativity and personalization involved with the “make your own” bar option. From tacos to smore’s, who doesn’t love to be able to make their food just the way they like it? We’ve seen everything from mashed potato bars to pancake bars, milk and cookie bars to burger bars … it’s such a fun and imaginative way to put a spin on the food!

4. Everything Fresh.

Organic Wedding Food Theme

Organic foods and healthy eating is trending now more than ever, as well it should be. So, it’s only natural that the lifestyle has been passed over to the wedding world. All-natural ingredients and raw foods are making a splash, in a beautiful way, all over the receptions. Veggie and fruit buffets to get the party started, followed up by a sit-down farm-fresh, local meal is an idea everyone is sure to appreciate and embrace.

5. Breakfast First.

Breakfast Wedding Food Theme

If the happy couple loves breakfast, then don’t be afraid to serve just that! Pancakes, omelets and french toast, your family and friends would love every second of the comforting, delicious flavors. Just don’t forget the mimosas and bloody mary’s as your signature drinks of the day!

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